Clifton Hill

Clifton Hill

A trip to the Niagara Falls should not exclude the Clifton hill with all it has to offer to its visitors. The hill is located in close proximity to the Niagara River and the Niagara falls. From its vast number of hotels, nightclubs and restaurants to its magnificent video arcades and themed attractions, Clifton Hill has a lot to offer, most especially to teenagers and families with children.

Acquired by the Philip Bender family in 1782, the land has been passed to a number of owners and seen a number of changes made to it, to what it looks like under its current primary owners, the Niagara Clifton Group and the Harry Oakes Company. The streets are lined with attractions to cater to every visitor’s taste and preference. Among the most popular attractions are the Guinness World Records Museum and the Ripley’s Believe It or Not ! Museum, which is home to strange and sometimes questionable items and events.

Other attractions include the Louis Tussaud’s Waxworks , the Rocks Legend Wax Museum, which is home to a  number of musical icons, and  The Criminals Hall of Fame which is home to figures of a number of well known bandits, terrorists and criminals. Visitors to wax museums have the chance of taking photos next to figures that closely resemble real life personalities, from the celebrities to the royalties, and world leaders.

There are a number of restaurants and hotels along the Clifton Hill that offer varying levels of comforts and cuisines to cater to the different lifestyles and taste buds. Video arcades that are especially popular among the teenagers, children and the young at heart line the streets. These arcades offer hundreds of video games to their visitors and give them a chance to win prizes that can be redeemed at the ticket counters.

The night comes alive with different nightclubs and casinos lining the streets and the bright lights to guide the hills’ visitors to them. A shopping spree for souvenirs can be enjoyed in many shopping spots along Victoria Avenue and Clifton Hill. Here you can shop for anything from jewelry to fine Cuban cigars, with a number of unique souvenirs in-between.

Last but not least, the haunted houses on the hill offer thrilling adventures for the horror loving seekers. Currently there are five haunted houses that can be found on or around the hill, including Dracular’s Haunted Castle that is located by Brick City, The House of Frankenstein, The Haunted House, and the Screamers House of Horrors and Nightmare Fear Factory that is found along Victoria Avenue. A bit of indoor Golf can be played by the Golf lovers inside the mini golf courses that glow in the dark, alongside outdoor golf courses.

At the end of the day, whether it is an experience on the Niagara Sky Wheel to get a magnificent view of the Niagara falls in enclosed passenger cars, a trip to the museums, or a shopping spree, Clifton Hill has a lot to offer its visitors.

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