The Civic Center and The Castro District

Civic Center

The Civic Center and the Castro District are both quite popular in San Francisco. The Civic Center consists of an area of few blocks of the intersection of Market Street and Vas Ness Avenue and contains most of the city’s cultural institutions and largest government. On the other hand, the Castro district is the first ever gay neighborhood in the United States. Not only it is the first ever Gay District but it also the largest Gay district in the United States of America.

Now the Center Piece of the Civic Center is the city Hall. This City hall heads the complex and takes up about two city blocks. The civic center has two large plazas which are the civic plaza and the United Nations Plaza. It is a very historic place also as the peace treaty was signed in the War Memorial Veterans Building’s Herbst Theater This Civic Center in San Francisco was also designated as a National Landmark in 1987, and on October 10 1978 it was listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

On the other hand,  the Castro District is also quite historic, in its own terms. As mentioned above it is the first ever and largest gay neighborhood, but it is also a very prominent symbol for lesbian, gay, bisexuals and transgender activity and events. The most notable feature is probably the Castro Theater. Then there is the GLBT History Museum which is a standalone museum if the Gay, Transgender, lesbian and Bisexual in the United States of America. This district is also known for its foods and special events. The Hot cookie bakery of the Castro District is widely known for its delicious and uniquely shaped cookies. Then there is the first ever Gay bar Twin Peaks, and Lastly there are special events like Castro Street fair, Dyke March, Pink Saturday and finally the San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival.

The Civic Center is also quite known for its fair share of Parades and Festivals. They have the San Francisco’s Gay Pride parade, St. Patrick day parade, Love Parade and the San Francisco LovEvolution party.

By the Above information,  it can be said the rights to equality in regards to sexual orientation is strong in both places. They both respect this sensitive issues and hold their heads up high in regards to these discussions.  In the Castro district,  there is the Pink Triangle Park. This was rightly named after the Second World War when the pink triangles were forcibly worn by gay prisoners persecuted by the Nazis.

Due to all the Civic Center and the Castro district, San Francisco has a very high rate of tourism who are diverse in culture in culture and sexual orientation. As the Castro is a marketplace for all things gay, the Civic Center is a place of honor and both are a notion of modernization which will only benefit United States of America as a Country for Liberty, Equality and Fraternity.

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