Chocolate World in The Heart of Hershey

Hershey Chocolate Factory

How can you go wrong with chocolate? You cannot, especially not when you are at Hershey’s Chocolate world attraction. Located in Hershey Pennsylvania, Chocolate world is open all year around. This popular tourist attraction is located in a famous entertainment complex that is home to Hersheypark, Hersheypark Arena, Hersheypark Stadium, Hershey Museum and Giant Center.

There are a number of attractions available to tourists who visit Chocolate world.  Chocolate enthusiasts might find the Chocolate Tour a dream journey into the ins and outs of the chocolate manufacturing process. This Omnimover-style tour is concluded with a free sample of fresh Hershey’s products, as well as with the option of purchasing an in-ride photograph. The ride lasts a total of ten minutes.

If you want to take a more interactive tour of the world of chocolates, Hershey's Chocolate Tasting Group Experience allows you to learn everything there is to know about chocolate tasting – including trying out heavenly samples of virtually every kind of chocolate imaginable.

When your feet need a break, you can enter the 250-seat theatre to enjoy the Really Big 3-D Show. All visitors, regardless of their age, will enjoy this 3-D musical animation. You can also take a seat in the Hershey Trolley Works, which, with the help of its singing conductors, will take you through Hershey, showing you all the sights there are to see in the region. Different memorable shows are organized on these trolleys, including a world-renowned Christmas Adventure Show during Christmas season.

If you have always dreamed of making your own chocolate, the Create-Your-Own Candy Bar attraction will be an experience you will never forget. Described as an experience for people of all ages, guests are made to wear actual Hershey’s factory clothes, including a hairnet and an apron, and work on parts of the manufacturing line process. Participants are given the opportunity to use the ingredients of their choice to design their own chocolate bars and then pack them in labels of their choice. Once the bar reaches the end of the assembly line, you are free to eat it or save it to show off to your friends and family.

The Factory Works Experience is an alternative experience for younger children in which they have to collect Hershey’s Kisses in containers. Three hats, one red, one orange and one yellow, are given to children who participate in this, and a photograph memorabilia to remember the experience can be purchased.

Tourists end up spending an entire day in this complex, and even still feel the need to come back and explore some more.  Timings of this entertainment complex depend on the day of the week as well as on the time of the year, so it is necessary to make an enquiry before you head out. It is advised to make your journey as early as possible so that you reach there at opening time since Chocolate world is a sight to see, and it draws large crowds throughout the year.

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