China Town is one of the most worth visiting places in Toronto. This visit would be an exciting experience for anyone.  It is an ethnic closed society in Downtown Toronto. It contains high concentrations of ethnic Chinese residents. Now there are six Chinatowns in Toronto.

Since its beginning, Toronto’s Chinatown had two phases. The First Chinatown existed in the 1890s along York Street and Elizabeth Street. The Old Chinatown is the present one and it existed in the 1950s.

There are numerous shops, restaurants, activities and historic monuments.  Restaurants are very special there, they serve delicious Chinese food and. One can spend the whole week in Chinatown without worrying about anything. The atmosphere of this place is very relaxing and pleasing. Also, there are many tours going on in this place. The restaurants sometimes offer parties so if you are with your family you will enjoy the shows and have much fun.

There are many Chinese herbs and remedies which you can purchase at low cost. The festivities are going on in Chinatown the whole week. You can watch traditional lion dances, or make hands on cultural crafts. In addition to this you can also explore Chinatown in a group along with your friends.

Chinatown offers the best hotels. They are clean and affordable. Guests of all ages are warmly welcomed at this place. There are colorful streets and open air food stalls and vendors. There are two Chinese –inspired malls in the area which include Dragon city and Chinatown Center.

The moment you enter Chinatown you will collide with many interesting people. Chinatown is full of culture and depicts many wonderful attractions. There is an event called Toronto Chinatown festival which spans city blocks. The smell of delicious food attracts many visitors. There are many clothes and crafts for sale. You can also see free performances including Martial Arts demonstrations and Dragon Dance.

There is also a Kensington Market. It is full of shops and vintage clothing. This market is one of the city’s oldest renowned markets.

Chinatown is an amazing place for enjoying weekend with family and having delicious meals. Everyone should visit this place once in a lifetime. You will feel refreshed and knowledgeable and this would be the best tour of your life.

Places to see in Chinatown, Toronto

There are many places to explore in Chinatown, Toronto, however, the famous and the most interesting ones are:

  • The Art Gallery of Ontario Valley:  This place is a must visit for the people who are inclined towards seeing and watching the Art and enjoying the history. It is a monumental glass and titanium portico designed by Frank Gehry, Toronto native son. You will observe many visitors climbing in and around Henry Moore’s large Two Forms sculpture. Inside, there is a massive collection of landscape paintings belonging to the 19th and the 20th century. The Canadian Wing includes major works by such northern lights as Cornelius Krieghoff, Homer Watson, Thomson Collection, Tom Thomson and much more. It also has a collection by famous artists like Van Dyck, Reynolds, Chardin Renoir, Rodin, Rothko and many others. The famous masterpiece, Massacre of the Innocents, done by Flemish painter Peter Paul Rubens is there since 2008. There are also lectures, courses, camps and exhibitions which are run for adults and children.

  • Campbell House: The mansion of Sir William Campbell, the sixth chief justice of Upper Canada, is now one of Toronto’s best house museums. It has elegant and historic furniture and also, covers the social life of the upper class.

  • Old City Hall: This particular building has appeared in many international TV shows and even in films. This was designed by E.J. Lennox, who was the architect for King Edward Hotel and the Casa Loma.  

  • Spadina Avenue:  These stores offer discounts up to half off the prices of Yorkville stores, designer clothes minus the labels, yards of remnants piled high in bins and the occasional rock and roll nightspot and interesting greasy spoon. It is located in Kensington Market, Chinatown and has ethnic food stores, eateries, first-class and Chinese restaurants.

  • Lee Garden Chinese Restaurant: The price is reasonable and the menu at Chinese Restaurant is filled with options. The only issue is that you need to stand in a long que to order and have something here. The queue is so long that people wait almost 90 minutes to have their turn and finally, have something. However, once you get seated the service is really prompt and you will be served within minutes. It will remind you of the school days, especially by having the egg rolls, chicken balls, crispy mixed veg and many more.

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