Chile's Land of Ice Blue Lake

Ice Blue Lake

Explore the extensive landmass of Carretera Austral with an amazing cycle tour that really forms a fascinating experience. The stunning landscape assembles the deep blue lakes that are swathed by white snows, the mountain peaks and the small villages that reveal the signs of human civilization. The cycle would run through the muddy roads alongside the villages that unify creating a stunning scenic beauty.

Origin of the Miraculous Landmass

Typically, it forms the heritage of Chilean Pantagonia that extends up to a distance of 1,240 Kilometer occupied by the Chilean Pantagonia. Geographically, it establishes its location in the city of Puerto Montt that is stretched to the North within the frontier of Villa O’Higgins in the Southern end.

Before the commencement of the two popular projects HidroAysén and Energia Austral, it emerged as the piece of land where people do not entertain an urban civilization and used to maintain the old boorish culture where people were habituated wearing the sheepskin itinerant chaps and ordinary cloaks . A Pentagonian beret was their customary dress that usually comes out with a black shade. However, as the construction of the dams initiated it brought a huge alteration to the culture of the Chile’s incredible landmass.

Nature that Affords a Heavenly Look

As you start your journey towards the Chilean heritage, you can ascertain the tremendous natural scenery that gives you a complete serenity of mind. The part of the landmass is surrounded by a natural forest area where you can discern a beautiful glimpse of the wildlife on the armrests of the nature. Various species of deer and elephants may come on your way that would make your adventure trip a memorable one.

Later on, you would reach the Chaiten that assemble a township culture. Formerly the town was exploded by volcanic eruption in 2008 and today what you see is the restored format of the place. As you head towards the South, you would see the forests stretching towards the deciduous Antartic beach.

You could even see the Hornopirén National Park and Parque Nacional Quelat that are known for such captivating natural splendor, where you could see the miraculous hanging glaciers that are seriously interesting parts of nature.

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