Chateau Frontenac-Canada’s Biggest Tourist Attraction

Chateau Frontenac

Chateau Frontenac definitely ranks as one of the top hotels globally with millions of visits per year. In Canada, it is one of the visible tourist attractions and is run by the Fairmont Le Château Frontenac group. Having been built in 1893, this hotel has a traditional design that many people troop to the country to have a glimpse on. You should not let the opportunity to witness this history bypass you when in Canada. Spare some of your time to visit the place and get an opportunity to sample the olden times that is this historical hotel.

Sampling what the Chateau Frontenac offers is a perfect opportunity to share in the historical heritage that this monumental hotel stands for. Many visitors are amazed at the realization that they have spent some time in a hotel that has been acclaimed as a National historic Site of Canada (1980). Most people have written home after spending the experience of their time in this hotel that they have gone back the memory lane to the time of the British colonial governorship. This is because of the fact that the Chateau Haldimand, the residence of the British governors of the colonial Quebec and Lower Canada stood right where this magnificent hotel is located.

Initially, the hotel was built to serve as a mere stopover point for people on transit while using the pacific railway. It has since then evolved into a key attraction that every visitor coming to Canada wants to have a glimpse on. To experience more of what it can offer, spend a night or two at the hotel and get firsthand experience. Its rooms are plush while the splendid lobby that is lit by ornate chandeliers will give you a scenic view of the surroundings.

For those who fancy capturing breath-taking scenes on film or other digital platforms, the hotel offers a great opportunity for this. Chateau Frontenac is arguably the most photographed hotel in the world, thanks to the hotel’s unique property of capturing and dominating the Quebec City’s skyline. A picture taken on this scene usually elicits a lot of nostalgia from loved ones at home and stores the captured experience in a way that will linger in the minds for eternity. There is therefore no excuse for not participating in this exciting opportunity when you visit Canada for any reason.

There is St. Lawrence River that passes by and whose scenic value has attracted Queen Elizabeth among other high profile guests to accommodate at the hotel. Despite the fact that most of the other buildings in the city are much taller, this glamorous hotel is built on a tall cape that overlooks the river. In this way, when you visit the hotel, you will have a perfect opportunity to enjoy a very spectacular view of the city that spans kilometers. Other key features that you will find at Chateau Frontenac include an indoor pool for relaxation when free, a health club for exercising purposes, business centre for all your shopping needs and several on-site dining options.  The staffers at the hotel are well trained and are hospitable to every visitor; a reason for you to go visiting.

A visit to Chateau Frontenac is an ideal chance for a visitor to understand just why the hotel was a filming location for I Confess, a film by Alfred Hitchcock that featured Anne Baxter and Montgomery Clift. In this way, a visitor to this place is sure to capture movie-scene-like moments reminiscent of the famous and timeless films of such great works, to the envy of those who just watch them in theaters far away from the actual locations or read about them from blogs on the internet. A real visit is what is needed to claim your rightfully earned opportunity to share in a global happiness of hospitality and adventure.

You may be in Canada for holiday, and Chateau Frontenac will be the best place to hold your special events. Locals have been booking the hotel for wedding ceremonies and other social events since there is a serene environment for all that. The most advantageous thing for visitors planning to stay at the hotel is its good accessibility. It is well connected with a network of roads, and transport is available on a 24-hour basis. Furthermore, your security will be guaranteed since it is under full surveillance of security personnel.

Always make Chateau Frontenac one of your very first stops to make once you arrive in Canada. Apart from serving as a tourist attraction site, the hotel has all the accommodation services that a tourist will be looking for in a foreign land. It has been a first-choice option for many visitors who have come and enjoyed an experience of a life-time. Many have referred the hotel to their friends and acquaintances and have never regretted. It is surely the place to be at when in Canada.

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