The Charming City of VENICE


Italy is a beautiful country and the most beautiful part of it is Venice. Cited by some as the most beautiful city in the World, the quaint little city is world famous for having water instead of roads. You haven’t seen the world if you haven’t seen Venice. The only major mode of transport is by boat through its canals. So here are a few of the must-see attractions on one of the best holidays you can take in your life:

Gondola Ride:

The Gondola Ride is the essence of Venice. Riding through the narrow lanes of water through each alley and building is what the city has been known for centuries and the custom even runs till today. Each time one passes under a bridge in Venice with a beloved one, they’re supposed to kiss for good luck. Tossing a coin in a waterfall is also another practice that is believed to make ones wishes come true.

St.Mark’s Basilica:

St. Mark’s Basilica is the cathedral church of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Venice. One of the best examples of the Italo-Byzantine architecture, the church is known for its beautiful and intricate carvings, opulent designs as well as gold ground mosaics which give it a truly regal feel. A symbol of the power of the Roman Empire at its prime, a visit to the church is a must as much as a visit to the city.

Lido di Venezia:

The Lido di Venezia is home to the world famous Venice Film Festival. A 11 Kilometre long sandbar, the lido is home to over 20000 people. The Lagoon is known for its beaches and hotels that tourists throng during the holiday season and if lucky, one can spot a celebrity relaxing on the shore.

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