Central Coast CA - The Candid Beauty of Nature

Central Coast

People come to the Central Coat to just to see the scenic beauty and enjoy nature up close and
personal. This scenic stretch will mesmerize one’s eyes and the beauty is extraordinary. Every
year, many tourists come to this beautiful place for an extraordinary trip. The flyover stretch
from Los Angeles and San Francisco offers the classic beauty of the Pacific Coast stretch. The
beach towns offer you that lazy feeling and you can visit according to your own personal time.
It’s your holiday and you determine the time of your visit but you can also rush if you have to!

Why is planning a holiday important?
It will help you make the segment of the trip in a comfortable manner. It will help you get
synchronized while traveling and enjoy your trip in a beautiful manner. This Christmas, put the
pedal to the metal and head to the Central Coast for an awesome trip with your family and

Monterey Bay Aquarium - It is a special attraction for tourists and gives you the charm of real
sea life. Children will have a great time visiting this wonderful place and fulfilling their long
awaited dream. Are you really looking for some adventure? Then, this is a must visit for you.
You can take many pictures of various animals for wonderful memories you can view for the
rest of your life and have fun to the fullest.
Big Sur - It is a rugged stretch of coastline from San Simeon to Carmel and the winding road is
famous for its seaside cliffs and winding turns. Tourists come here to enjoy the wind and the
beauty of the cliffs. If you like nature and adventure, then this is the place for you and you must
take the opportunity to be part of the extreme beauty of this place.
San Luis Obispo - After such a breathtaking drive; it is time to slow down and visit the famous
Hearst Castle and its enchanting architecture. The beauty of this castle will leave you speechless
and you can enjoy a tour of the entire castle. It is well maintained and safe and tourists can
explore the site in a peaceful way.
Santa Barbara - This city is a perfect place to stay for a while with your free soul. The awesome
Pacific Ocean is on one side and lofty mountains are on the other side; making the city
extremely beautiful and mesmerizing. You can also find local bars, restaurants, art galleries and
many more beautiful things in the city that will entertain you. It is a city of your dreams.
Come and explore this wonderful place and become a witness to nature’s own beauty.

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