Celebrate the New Year's Eve

new years eve

Still thinking where to celebrate the New Year?! Think no more.  San Antonio is one of the largest New Year's celebrations in the Lone Star State, with more than a quarter of a million people in attendance each year. It's named as one of the best New Year's celebrations in America.  It's where entertainment is mixed with excitement to feel the pleasure while waiting for the New Year.

What are the attractions of the carnival?

One of the reasons it's considered an amazing celebration for the New Year, is the variety of choices you have for the day. Also, how it suits all ages from children, youth, to elder people.

To start, there are four stages with live musical performances ongoing throughout the evening. There are also a number of 'special entertainment areas' set up for children and families. And, of course, no New Year's celebration would be complete without a full complement of fireworks. The San Antonio 'Fireworks Extravaganza' begins at midnight and is a great way to start the New Year out on the right foot and it can be viewed from many locations around San Antonio, so you will see it even if you can't make it down to the carnival.

What is the program for the carnival?

Carnaval de San Antonio begins at 6 p.m. on South Alamo Street. Live music begins on  various stages at 6:30 p.m, then the performances start to show up one after the other with qualified dancers and musicians everywhere till the last live musical performance ends, at this time the counting down to midnight and the Celebrate San Antonio Fireworks Extravaganza begin. The party lasts until 12:30 a.m., when the fireworks display wraps up.

What is unique about the carnival?

The thing that makes carnaval de San Antonio unique is that it is held right in the heart of the downtown area, which is saturated with wonderful restaurants and shops giving you the chance to have a memorable and amazing dining experience at one of San Antonio's best restaurants before walking over to join in the fun at the carnaval de San Antonio.  Also, Carnaval de San Antonio is a totally free event ,so it's popular and known among a large group of people as everyone there can go celebrate, and have some extra bucks left when the midnight strikes.

Although a major part of San Antonio's attraction and charm for visitors is its 'festive' atmosphere, it's considered as a tourist attraction, and this may be also due to San Antonio's historic and modern attractions. There are always plenty to see and do in San Antonio.

So, if you're thinking of spending the holiday and have extra fun and enjoyment, you can celebrate it at San Antonio's carnaval with your friends or family. This year celebration will be more unique and exciting, there will be more than two dozen of drummers and dancers participating in the event. So celebrate the New Year Eve differently this time and don't miss the carnaval, it's an annual celebration that can't be replaced.

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