Cave of the Winds is a breathtaking attraction in Colorado

Cave of the Winds

Talk of the Niagara Falls will bring to mind the magnificent falls and the maid of the mist boat ride, but did you know that there is also the Cave of the winds? For those who may have heard of the Cave of the winds, the most famous section of the cave that pops to mind is the Silent Splendor room, which although sealed from the general public is a remarkable part of the cave. The room that is home to a number of rare and unique crystalline formations is sealed off in order to preserve its delicate natural environment.

To kick start your journey to this magnificent site that is located in the Pikes Peak region of Colorado, you will need to gear down in specially designed sandals and a souvenir rain poncho and then take an elevator ride down into the Niagara George. From here, you will follow a wooded walkway along the Niagara River, which will take you to the Hurricane Deck. This Deck stands at just a few feet from the torrents of the Niagara Falls.

While on the Hurricane Deck, you will be subjected to tropical storm-like conditions that are created by the rushing Bridal Veil Falls. For the adventurous at heart, this will mean that you will get as close to the falls as humanly possible and get to experience their true beauty. A trip to the beautiful caves of the winds can be made by the whole family, or by two dotting couples, out on an adventurous though romantic trip.

A journey through the caves will lead you to sections like the fat man’s misery which is a narrow passage way inside Mammoth cave, the tall man’s headache which got its name from the fact that most tall people have to bend over in order to go through the passage.

Originally known as Aeolus’s cave, Cave of the winds got its name from the Greek god of winds and was discovered in 1834 with guided tours officially beginning in 1841. The cave stands at about 4m high and 30 m wide, with a depth of about 9m. The storm-like conditions areattributed to winds that can reach upto 68mph within the falls.Astartling fact is that the temperature in the cave will remain at about 52 degrees regardless of whether it is 15 degrees, 40 degreesor 95 degrees on the outside.

Visitors to the cave get to enjoy two types of tours, the discovery tour and the lantern tour. The discovery tour is mainly enjoyed by families and beginners to the adventure, and guides will take you through well litpathways where you will learn how the cave came to be, along with its numerous beautiful formations. The lantern tour on the other hand caters to the more adventurous souls, in this tour, the pathways are seen through dimly lit lanterns that are held by the visitors as they work their way through the cave’s passages.

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