Catholic Church

Catholic Church

The Roman Catholic Church, also called just the Catholic Church is the largest Christian church in the world. The Catholic Church is a hierarchy which is led by the Bishop of Rome, who is also called the Pope, there is also the cardinals and bishops. The teachings of the Catholic Church is followed by a vast number of majority and has over 1.2 billion members. The teaching of the Church states that it is the one and only true Church which was divinely founded by Jesus Christ, it also teaches that the bishops of the church are successors of Jesus Christ’s apostles.

Other than the religious teaching of the Church, the social teachings of the Church focus of support for the poor and the afflicted through mercy. They operate social programs and institutions all over the world such as Catholic Schools, Universities, hospitals, shelters, etc. The teaching involves the spreading of the words of the Gospel and the growth in the spiritual discipline. They also offer charities such as the Catholic Relief Services and the Caritas. These charities help all sorts of families who are poor, sick or elderly.

The Church is run by the Pope, whose is the Papacy. The Catholic Church also believes that Christ institute the Papacy after giving the Keys of Heaven to Saint Peter. The Roman Curia directly serves the Pope and is also the main governing body of the Roman Catholic Church, and they operate the day to day administrative business of the Catholic Church.

Now, the Catholic Church is made up of 23 autonomous particular Church which follows the paramount of the Pope. This particular churches are headed by a high ranking bishop. Even though they follow the laws made by the pope, they do however a certain degree of control over their own particular Churches, The Bishops handle the internal organization, liturgical rites, liturgical calendar and other aspects of its spirituality. Among all the different 23 Churches, they have a different form of worship and  certain liturgical traditions exists, known as “rites” which varies depending on the diversity of the cultures of where the church exists.

The members of the Church make up a total of 17% of the world population as of 2011. The highest number of member are form the Americas with over 48%, and the lowest is from the Oceania which makes up only about 0.8% of the total member population of the roman Catholic Church. These memberships are attained thorough baptism or reception into the church. However, after the 2000’s the number of Catholic Church members are in decline.

There are also various famous people who have won numerous awards are known all over the world for the great deeds that they have down, and they were also part of the Catholic Church. There is the Catholic nun Mother Teresa who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, then there is Bishop Carlos Filipe Ximenes Bello who also won the Nobel Peace prize.

The Catholic Church teaches one of the biggest religion there is in today’s time, it also controls the whole of Vatican city and a Global power that thrives for peace and welfare.

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