Cape Town South Africa-A Tourists Guide

Cape Town

There are many tourist agencies in Cape Town which will help you out once in the South African city for the first time. They will offer you the right advice from the perspective of locals, guide you on the best places to visit for accommodation and enjoyment, as well as update you on events unfolding in the place for your contemplation. You can engage them once in the city, but it is advisable to do that well in advance so as to avoid any unforeseen inconveniences from affecting your visit.

Boulders Beach

A white sand beach is the best for your vacation and boulders beach meets that requirement perfectly. The beach sand is soft and comes with granite boulders just to make your day out a memorable one. Its nearness to the Indian Ocean on the peninsula side makes sure warm water blows around catering for a good place to visit even during winter. If there is anything that attracts visitors from furthest corners of the world to the beach, it has to be the penguins which come from even the neighboring foxy beach.

The penguins move around in big colonies, and setting your eyes on them as they do their things brings about huge satisfaction. Some of the things that you will enjoy to see the penguins doing include guarding nests, waddling, preening and sunning. The joy of all of this is getting closer to the penguins through a stroll along the boardwalks. At such a vantage position, it is even easy for you to take some photos of the penguins for history purposes.

Clifton Beach

This beach is located on the northwest part of peninsula where you will get to see jet-setters and hipsters. The place is in itself a scenic view to sightsee since it encompasses a line of four beaches that are divided by granite boulders. One good thing about this beach is its cleanliness that gives an extraordinary view. You should not have difficulties getting to the beach since it is very close to the Cape Town International Airport.

It’s only 20 minutes drive away from the beach, so make sure you hire shuttle services immediately. There are also taxi services which you can use to get out of the airport but make sure the one you hire is authorized to operate in and out the airport.  The peak seasons for tourists in Cape Town is between the months of November and March when demand is high while off-peak is largely between October and April. It is advisable you book the off-peak travel since demand is low and prices are affordable.

Table Mountain

If you have ever heard of the main landmark in Cape Town then it has to be the table mountain which is flat-topped. This mountain forms a significant attraction site for tourists visiting Cape Town since there is an opportunity for hiking. Once at the top, you will get to enjoy one of the most blockbuster views.

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