Cannon Mountain’s Aerial Tramway

cannon mountain tram

Cannon Mountain is located in New Hampshire. The mountain rises up to 4,080 feet, and view is simply breathtaking at the top. Once there, the rest of the mountains become a part of the scenic view. The millenary rocks serve as a recreational park for hiking, climbing, and skiing. The formation is one of the most challenging climbs for climbers and one of the most pleasant hikes. As for skiing, it’s a stunning spot and has the privilege of organizing the Alpine Skiing World Cup.

The mountain was first called the Profile Mountain since on one of its ridges, human-like-rock could be seen. Coins from the state of New Hampshire used to have the Old Man’s Face. That was until 2003, when the rocks collapsed after years of trying to avoid the disaster. To commemorate the Old Man, there was a proposal during 2004 to include the profile in New Hampshire’s flag, but the idea was eventually ignored. As recent as 2009, state representative Kenneth Gidge put forward a proposal to build a copper replica of the face, but once again, the plan was turned down.

The mountain itself is a mark of beauty and splendor. Ridges and dikes fill the place to give the mountain one of the most impressive formations in the north of the United States. There is not much vegetation here since the mountain is quite steep, but it also enhances the greatness of the mountain. Take Whitney-Gilman ridge for example the razor like mountaintop. Climbers looking for some adrenaline are sure to like the place.

For tourists, the easiest way up is the airway tram. The tram works during all four seasons. Year round visitors take the tram up to the steep mountain in order to get some fresh air from the top. A restaurant and a gift shop are just a few meters away after climbing down from the tram.

The Aerial Tramway is a cable car that lets visitors reach the 4,080 foot summit of Cannon Mountain in less than 10 minutes. If you are able to access this Aerial Tram on a clear day, you may be able to see four states and even Canada from the mountain! The states you’ll able to see are New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine, and Vermont. From this place, sightseeing is marvelous and holds the power to dazzle your senses on an entire different level. Plus the low cost to take the Aerial Tram allows everybody to go.

Children of years 5 and under can enter absolutely free. From 6 to 10 years only pay a price of $12 for a round trip (both going up and down). Finally the last price is for all others above 13 years, and they will only have to pay $15 for the round trip. However the fares keep on changing. Families with pets are able to enter only in Franconia North State Park in designated dog walks in the Flume & Tramway parking lots.

Now you are probably wondering how does the aerial tram work, but it is actually extremely simple! It consists of one or two fixed cables also called track cables, one loop cable or called haulage rope, and two passenger cabins. The track cables provide support for the cabins while the haulage rope has a firm grip on the track. An electric motor generates enough energy to move the cabin.

Cannon Mountain Restaurant is a beautiful place located in the state of New Hampshire. All meals served at the restaurant are both delicious and affordable to the pocket. Even though, the food is exquisite, it is not the only benefit you will have at the gorgeous restaurant. You will observe an exceptional landscape of the entire region. The view is incredible and relaxing. If you want to look at the majesty of the mountains from another perspective, you may eat your dinner on the outdoor patio of the restaurant with unbelievable views on Cannon Mountain. Cannon Mountain Restaurant staff’s goal is their client’s relaxation and enjoyment. If you wish to go on vacation to the marvelous region of Cannon Mountain in New Hampshire, you need to visit the most beautiful attractions and eat at the best restaurants in the area.

Choosing Cannon Mountain Restaurant is highly recommended because of its hospitable staff, quality food and lively views. If you are looking for a peaceful place with a family atmosphere, you should visit the Cannon Mountain Restaurant and enjoy relaxing moments in the company of your loved ones. Cannon Mountain Restaurant is an exceptional place to eat that you cannot miss when you visit one of the most beautiful and unknown states in the New Hampshire. Wait not and get ready for an awesome tour to Cannon Mountain this season and cherish incredible moments of life.

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