Buenos Aires-Step into Cool Argentina

buenos aires

Argentina is a country that is known for its hills, food and football. Buenos Aires, which is the capital city of Argentina, is the largest city of the country and the second most populous metropolitan area in the whole of South America after Sao Paolo in Brazil. The city is a top tourist destination for those who wish to visit South America.The city is known for having some great European style architecture; a rich culture and it also have the highest concentration of theatres in the world. The city is also the birthplace of the current Pope, Francis. The main tourist attractions in Buenos Aires are:

Plaza de Mayo:

The Plaza de Mayo is the main square in the Montserrat barrio or neighborhood of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since gaining independence, the plaza has been the main political hub in the country. The plaza is surrounded by some beautiful scenery and architecture that draws in thousands of tourists every year into the city and this is because several of the city’s monuments and attractions surround the plaza such as the Cabildo, which is the city council during the colonial era, the Casa Rosada, the home of the executive section of the country’s government as well as Buenos Aires’ financial district, called microcentero or la City.


The Caminito, which translates into “little path or little walkway”, is a street museum and alley that is located in Buenos Aires. This is not one of those regular museums that you visited somewhere else. The place is famous in the Latin culture for being the inspiration behind the music for the tango, Caminito in the year 1926. The Argentine artist by the name of Benito QuinquelaMartin transformed the alley into a beautiful piece of art after painstakingly painting it with pastel colors for years. The street also has a few theatre houses where performers take part in plays and acts.


The Latin American Art Museum of Buenos Aires, which is shortened to MALBA, is another major tourist attraction that has its headquarters in the city. A major landmark, and delight for art lovers, the museum celebrates Latin Art over the years and has some of the great contemporary as well as olden art and displays for tourists to enjoy. There is also a dynamic cultural center that constantly updates art and film exhibitions and develop cultural activities.

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