Breathe Life and Live Each Day: that is Life in Milan


Art, history, culture, fashion, commerce, cuisine all together makes Milan a traveler’s paradise and the perfect hub for holiday and living life king size. Music, opera, bustling nightlife, contemporary and latest trends in fashion are to the maximum here. Visiting Milan is like a dream coming true.

Experience a Walk through the History Lane

Witness Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘Last Supper’ at Santa Maris church. Roll your eyes at the amazing stature of the Duomo. Are ready to re-living history? Milan’s Castello Sforzesco is an avenue guarded by mini museums, which gloat a fascinating gallery of Paleolithic history to renaissance art and culture. Pinacoteca di Brera displays an exquisite collection of Italian art. Relaxing modes are always at an arm’s length. Spas, boutiques, bars surround the area, allowing a moment for taking a deep breath and pacifying the amazement.

Live Milan – Live Music and Cuisine

Music fanatics are sure to go gaga here. Go boho at Como. Experience the ‘party like there is no alarm clock’ feeling with the young and the old dancing to the DJ beats at the classical holly clubs, and such other swanky pubs. When you feel tired of sightseeing then a refreshing visit to the La Scala to witness the internationally renowned opera is the best. Ala kiev, sandwiches, local drinks, creamy pasta, pizzas, affordable cocktails and the best ever espressos are available at every corner. Savor your palate and never remain hungry. This is called hospitality in the coolest way possible.

Visit a Fashionista’s Paradise, Relax Best – Every Hour is Cheerful!

Besides the oldest luxury malls basking in the pride of Gucci and Louis Vuitton, there are the cheapest street flea markets where every current fashion trend is available. The lakes and spas give you the most peaceful and relaxing experience. The footballer’s pilgrimage ‘San Siro Stadium’, the in house Venice experience with the network of lakes and canals, and the celebration during the ‘oh bej’ festival – all of these are the perfect feast for every tourist. You will be compelled to visit again every time, and re-live the experience of being in Milan.

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