Boston – The Largest City of Massachusetts


History: Boston is a city with a rich history,spanning long before America gained its freedom from the British. It is currently the largest city and capital of the state of Massachusetts.

The early people of Boston, mainly the European settlers, used to call it Trimountaine which came after the three mountains of Boston. However, today the mountains do not exist. Boston was named after the city of Boston in England. Since the nineteenth century Boston, as well as Massachusetts started to take a prominent part in the country’s economy. It gradually became one of the most important merchant trading places, and grew into a metropolis.

The wind of the industrial revolution that touched America, blew strongly through Massachusetts. From that time, Boston started to become a global name and synonym for industrial progress. It also boosted a great culture scenery.Not only culture or industrial revolution, Boston had strong bonding with American history, when it stood against the fugitive slave law. As a matter of fact, there are so many incidents that took place in Boston, that it is exceedingly difficult to set a script of American history without it.

Present Status: Boston has a strong Mayor-council government like many other great cities in the USA. The Mayor gets elected after every fourth year. However, there is no provision like the US President about the length of the term in the office and therefore a Mayor can serve as long as he or she does not get ousted by the opponent.

Apart of a strong political base, Boston is also hailed for having a strong cultural base as well. It bears the heredity of its cultural roots from the early English culture. Even the Eastern New England language is known as Boston English. There are several theaters in Boston’s Theater District located in the south of Boston Common. There are a number of theaters like the Colonial theater, the Orpheum theater or the Cutler Majestic theater in this area.

Different cultural activities like Boston early music festival or Boston music festival are also something that proves its cultural heredity. Most importantly, it is the birthplace of modern Punk Music.

Economy: Boston is counted among the 30 most powerful cities in the world by economic standards. The economic strength of the city stands with astounding $363 billion annually, which has helped it to set a place as the 12th largest economical city of the world. As a bearer of its cultural heredity, the colleges and Universities as well as the students contribute about $4.8 billion every year.

Apart of that, tourism has a greater contribution in Boston’s economy. According to a report, tourism gives Boston a financial boost of $30 billion each year. There are more other sectors that help the city’s financial services. The media sectors, tread, leisure and hospitality sectors, different financial sectors like mutual funds and even the government sectors have some contribution for the city’s present advancement.

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