Boston skyline and Charles River

Charles River

Boston has a number of tall buildings that lend the City its magnificent skyline view. A large number of tall buildings can be found in the Back Bay and Financial District areas, with the tallest building, Hancock Place rising to 241m in height. If you have access to the top most levels of the buildings then you will be presented with a breathtaking view of the city from above.

Have you seen some posters of the Boston Skyline and wondered where they were taken? Charles River is the answer to your question. It has been said that Charles River is the designated window to the city.Here, you will get access to the different views of the skyline, depending on your location, and be able to take fabulous pictures of the skyline.

Charles River stretches about 129km in length and travels through 23 cities and towns starting with Hopkinton, which is its source before it reaches the Atlantic Ocean in Boston.Regardless of your vantage point along the river, its surrounding beauty will dazzle you. Beautiful scenery of surrounding areas is best captured in the night time, when the area come alive with lights that bring a new kind of life to them. Taking a stroll along the river, will not only leave you refreshed with a breath of fresh air, but will also ensure that your eyes are treatedwith lovely scenery. In addition, you can go for a bit of sailing or ride your bike along its path.

The river provides a natural boundary between Boston and Cambridge and has the Back Bay, Harvard,Beacon Hill, M.I.T, and Esplanade Park as its points of interest for visitors as well as locals.Located on the shores of the Charles River, Esplanade Park is especially known for the Hatchet Shell that hosts a number of free outdoor programs and events, from movies, summer concerts to performances that are enjoyed by the whole family. In addition, like much of the shores of the river, it is a favored spot for catching a bit of sun, riding a bike, rollerblading, walking, jogging or even people-watching along its paths. In the winter months, a bit of ice-skating can also be enjoyed.

If you fancy a trip down history lane, then you have to visit Beacon Hill, Boston’s historic neighborhood. Here, you will be transported back in time to the brick sidewalks, and narrow,gas lit streets. You will find buildings stretching as far back as the 1800’s,for example the Charles Street Meeting House. Massachusetts State House which is a gold-domed state capitol building dates back from the 1700s and it was home of the former British government.

Back Bay is also of significance on the Charles River, renowned for its Victorian brownstone homes that stretch back to the 19th century and is considered as Boston’s Fashionable Shopping destination as well as home to a number of the city’s finest hotels and tall office buildings.

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