Boston Harbor Islands National Park

Boston Harbor

Boston Harbor National Park also called the Boston Island National Park is among the 14 national parks that have the word island in it. Most people arrive at the Park using a brief ferry service from Long Wharf –North in Boston. The ferry system is quick, hassle free and a lot of fun. Most boat and adventure lovers use their own sailboats, motorboats and sea kayaks.

Another way to reach the island is by using your own car through four peninsulas.  The Island receives thousands of families and groups every year from US and around the globe during all four seasons. The island is a dramatic and out of this world escape for tourists from the hustle of daily traffic and other routines offering historic sites (pre-civil war forts), wildlife watching, hiking, kayaking, picnics, fishing, swimming and camping to name a few.

Spread over an area of 1600 acres with35 miles of shore and coastline, featuring 34 islands, this national park is within a ten mile radius from Boston downtown.

One can start the trip by reaching Boston Harbor Island Pavilion a visitor’s center where park rangers greet you with a warm smile and an offer to help plan your trip. Everything can be organized and planned to use the visitor’s centers making a trip to the island stress free experience.

The trip to the island essentially should include visiting George Island for a trip down the history lane to give you a feeling that someone has invented a time machine. This may be a smart way to live movies of time travel that we have all watched.  George is home to Civil war era Fort Warren. George also offers rocky coasts of panoramic view of surrounding islands. Fort Warren also has ranger led tours and other programs that are offered according to the season.

If you are an outdoors person who also happens to be a beach lover then head to the Spectacle where pristine beaches and sandy dunes look like a landscape painted on a canvas. You can just relax and watch amber water crash the granite beach or swim and surf if in the mood for action.  The beaches are life guarded throughout the season while outside showers and restrooms further add to the convenience.

Ranger led kayak tour is another attraction to look at, other than enjoying food at eateries and take outs. Peddocks has one of the best hiking routs from the remaining Fort Andrew structure on the largest most diverse island.  Lovells, Grape and Bumpkin Island are all the roads less travelled and are perfect for people who have an appetite for new adventures. You can camp in groups or tent up individually in the most rustic sites if wanting to spend a night in sleeping bag right under the stars. Hiking, kayaking and exploring nature are other attractions offered by these islands. Lastly you can visit Thompson Island’s rolling hills, meadows, beaches and salt marsh.

Another unique offering by Boston Island National park is to allow people to hold events-birthdays, business events and wedding receptions within the beautiful and diverse backdrop.  The event can be made memorable with professional catering and overnight accommodation for guests. The quiet and calm of the park is ideal for business planning activities and people looking for privacy from the nosy city dwellers.

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