BORGHOLM-A Perfect Summer Resort in Europe

Borgholm Castle

It is one of the smallest cities of Sweden. It is situated on the island of Öland on the Baltic Sea. It has a population of over 3000. It was named after the now ruined Borgholm Castle.

Borgholm Castle:

The castle, or rather the fortress, was built in the 12th century as a defense from enemies across the Baltic Sea. It was rebuilt throughout history until it was burnt down on October 14, 1806. The ruins is still a main attraction of the island. It saw many battles, and has a rich history. The current remains of the castle are those rebuilt by King Charles X Gustav.

StatensFastighetsverk (National Property Board of Sweden) owns the property which now consists of a museum, and is open to public. Often concerts and theater performances are held at the inner courtyard. Solliden Palace serves as the current summer residence of the Swedish Royal Family just two kilometers away from the city center.

Stora Alvaret:

It is also known as the Great Alvaret. It is amongst the UNESCO’s world heritage sites. The Alvaret is stretching throughout the island covering 260 square kilometers. It is so unique because of its high pH and limestone content.

It has many unusual flora, and a biodiversity of rare species. Many species are endemic to Öland such as Artemisia oelandica. Others include stonecrop, dropwort, shrubby cinquefoil, kidney vetch and the common spotted orchid. Meadow oat-grass and Sheep’s fescue are the main grasses.

Leisure Activities:

Borgholm offers many leisure activities such as biking and hiking along beautiful trails. There is also a public bathhouse with both indoor and outdoor pool. You can also use the gymnasiums, tennis halls, outdoor courts, sports halls, sports grounds or even the artificial turf fields.

You can always go to the countryside farms for serenity, or art and cultural clubs.

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