Bonin island in Japan is the country most isolated place. It is called Ogasawara in Japanese. The ferry voyage is the only way to reach the island. It covers 1000km and takes 25 hours to reach the island. The ferry leaves only once a week. This makes no difference on the number of people who want to visit this mysterious island.

(This is someone else’s story which I have written in first person narrative)

We also went to visit this island. Our ship eased out of Tokyo and we left all the lightings and rush behind us. It was all good till 11 am but after that few people opened the cans of Asahi beer. The ship was full of people. I stayed on the cabin with more than 100 passengers. The space was filled of blankets, instant noodles and beeping of game consoles.

The Bonin Island includes 441 plant species, 379 endemic insect species and 134 native small land species. Bonin’s popularity is not only because of its isolation but also due to allure. This island has never been a part of any landmass and many mysteries are associated with this island.

UNESCO in 2011 has added more than 30 islands and named them “the Galapagos of the Orient” to the world’s heritage list.

After this there has been a lot of growth in the island area of the world. In November 2013 there had been a volcanic eruption under sea due to which an island emerged. This island had continued to grow and by January 2014 this island has spread to 6000sqm in size. This island is given the name of Niijima that means new island.

The Bonin Island is a very quiet and calm place. I checked into the guesthouse, banana inn. The guest house is located in Chichijima. The island was claimed by us in 1830 but after the death of the US former president George Bush, shot down in torpedo bomber in 1944 the Bonin Island was returned to Japan in 1968.

The remains of US can still be seen in these islands. Many residents have joined Japanese-us ancestry. However there can be seen 100% Japanese islands but they are technically part of greater Tokyo prefecture.

In the afternoon I took a boat from Chichijima. I found many things on the way that included 2m long string rays and hyperactive humpback whales. On miyano-hama beach on Chichijima I found different types of sea snakes and different types of creatures. I found a wide variety of flora and fauna that made me think out of the box. I saw hermit crabs, bush warbles sang from red hibiscus plants and the most amazing of all were the flying foxes that lighten up all the sky at the time of sunset.

The trip of people to Bonin island is in actual a source of income for the locals in the area. But the foreigners are not treated so well as the nationals. I was very much pleased with my last night dinner as it was an act of courtesy by a local of Bonin.

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