The Blanchard Spring Caverns look more haunted than they are

Blanchard Spring Caverns

The world is a big place to wander about, isn't it? Man is always seeking places and destinations beyond limits and thoughts. And no matter what the circumstances are, mankind has always proved its keen interest for new hidden places.

From the roaring rivers to the silent oceans, mountains to volcanoes, underground caves to flourishing skies, man is always in search for the best and this thirst for more is not going to be quenched easily. These impacted bloodlines relating to the greatest geographic treasures have always been the center of greatest pleasure and attraction for the whole human kind.

One of such fabulous places is the Blanchard Springs Caverns that can hardly be described in words, is a three-level cave system located in Ozark National Forest in Stone Country, Arkansas. It’s on Highway 14 and the sigh boards will point you in the right direction when you are close. Entering the world of underground is always a thrilling experience and, in my opinion, people should visit such caves to see the wonderful and majestic sights to truly understand their mythical inspiring beauty. Blanchard Spring Caverns is one of the most spectacular and carefully developed caves in the world.

It’s heaven for the tourists who intend to endure and reveal the secrets of the hidden caves and their stories. Basically, it is a three cave system, two of which are open for visitors and they remain open the whole year. Stroll through large, beautifully lit rooms with handrails and paved trails for comfortable walking. Climb over rocks, crawl through and slide down red clay mud in an undeveloped section of the caverns. Visits are paid to this place all the time but, during the summer the cave tours are very remarkable because the temperature all over the cave is very relaxing and pretty comforting in general. Normally, the temperature is about 58 degree Fahrenheit.

An amazing fact about Blanchard which people usually don’t know is that this cave always keeps growing and constantly changing, therefore it is called the “Living Cave”.  Another interesting point is that the rocks change themselves all the time and each time when you visit this cave, it is always a new experience thus you will never ever get bored. Blanchard is a great place for sport lovers too because there are several bike and hiking trails there, also it provides stupendous environment for fishing, camping and swimming etc.

One of the best points in the cave is the Drip Stone Trail because it’s a shortcut and easily takes you almost half a mile through the caverns. It takes you through huge rooms of incredible variety and amazing crystalline formations and it remains open most of the time. The place you would want to visit second is the Discovery Trail which is longer compared to Drip Stone and explores more strenuously the middle level of the cave.

Accompanied by the water-carved passages, under the natural entrances it will give you an exhaustively scenic view of the beautifully decorated rooms. Mirror Lake is a man made dam resulting in a beautiful and spectacular waterfall. In spite of being the master piece, this place is really frightening and feels haunted than beautiful. Whenever you visit these caves fear is usually all over your mind; believe me or not there is some cave life. It’s not going to jump out to get you or anything, but the aura of the place tells you it might. The hanging rocks and the dark holes all over the place will remind you of all the horror movies you have watched. Stories have been heard all the time about ghosts or dead girls walking all over that place but in fact, it’s the natural instinct in your mind to feel all those imagined things.

Blanchard is not just about what is underground; it’s also surrounded by inspiring views. To feel those silent voices which can’t be heard in the noise of the rushing cities and the chaotic environment is nothing short of pure bliss when you are out on your annual leaves. Comprising of beautiful wild life creatures including wonderful butter flies, deer, crickets and salamanders; the Blanchard Caverns, from the inside out are a home to living things unlike the caverns sometime suggest.

It’s pretty tough to get thrill, horror, serenity, beauty and adventure in one Hollywood flick, let alone a real life destination. This fact makes it certain that if you are planning to go Blanchard Cave, you will not regret it.

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