The Birthplace of Jazz–New Orleans-Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, a city in the state of Louisiana, is the largest city of its state and also the major port of the United States. Its population is approximately 1,452,502 people. The city was established by French colonists and is named after the Duke of Orleans. It is well known for its French and Spanish Creole architecture as well as its multicultural heritage. It is particularly known as the birthplace of jazz, and is famous for its cuisine, music and festivals. It is one of the most unique cities in the US.

New Orleans provides a wide variety of places and attractions for tourists to enjoy a peaceful day hanging out. The most popular of them all is the City Park covering 1,300 acres of land. It is the 6th largest and the 7th most visited park in the US. It contains recreations such as Big Lake, tennis court, birding and much more.

New Orleans also provides an attraction for nature lovers at the Audubon Zoo. There is a section of the land called Audubon Park and it is located on the Mississippi River. Both the park and zoo are a part of the Audubon Nature Institute. Audubon Zoo is a living museum that has some of the rarest and the most beautiful creatures of nature. Animals here have been able to be seen since The World Exposition in Audubon Park, in 1884. Some of its famous animals are the Asian elephants Jean and Panya, the Komodo dragon and the white tiger brothers, from California, King Rex and King Zulu and more exotic animals than anyone can imagine.

If you have an attraction to weapons then you should visit the National World War 2 Museum, formerly known as National D-day Museum. It is located in the Central Business District of New Orleans. It exhibits the contribution of the US forces to the Allies in World War 2, in particular to Battle of Normandy. It is a must see for history lovers and patriots. Extraordinary artifacts, powerful images and exhibits show the history of teamwork, the sacrifices and courage of the people of America. The Museum has been designated as ‘Americas’ official World War 2 Museum, by the US Congress. Since its opening on the anniversary of D-day, June 6, 2000, more than two million tourists have visited the museum and learned the history of The Great War.

Finally, let us not forget that New Orleans is the birthplace of Jazz where slaves were allowed to own drums. There are many Jazz clubs for music fans here in New Orleans. From traditional to sharp jazz there is something for everyone;all year long and every day of the week. It provides the best jazz anywhere.

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