Bird Nest’s Stadium for the Olympic Games

Bird Nest’s Stadium

Every four years the world hosts an incredible event. This event is called Olympiad. The tradition comes from the Greek civilization, who celebrated these games to honour their gods. Even though originally it was only for men and had selected sports included, today we have expanded it to have many more games, apart from the inclusion of women in the games.

The games are celebrated after every four years. With a lot of planning ahead, the host country is informed that it will have to receive a lot of athletes and players from around the world. There are a lot of preparations to make when a country is going to house the most famous sports event in the globe. The first thing that the country needs to satisfy is the need for accommodation. After this is covered, then the obvious needs to be done. Stadiums and arenas need to be built. It is possible to use the already-existing stadiums, but before the whole world, it does not look quite right to do that.

The Olympic games of 2008 were held in the city of Beijing, China. There was a of lot speculation about how the main stadium was to be designed. Finally, the Swiss architecture firm Herzog & de Meuron took the job of designing the stadium. Evidently they won the bids that were made to design the stadium. The design that they proposed was meant to look like a bird’s nest, hence the name of the stadium. Even though the official name is Beijing National Stadium, it is best known as the Bird Nest’s Stadium. It has been explained that calling the stadium a bird’s nest is not an offensive manner of referring to it. On the complete contrary, the Chinese regard food served on a bird’s nest as something expensive and fancy, as well as saved for special occasions.

The outer part of the stadium looks very imposing while at the same time, it is very impressive. It might look really big, but the design makes it look pleasing to the eye. When the Swiss architects thought of making this building, they looked for a new form of breaking the symmetry. The very basic concept that backs up the construction is freedom. What moves the design is a search to break free from the rules of symmetry, while at the same time keeping the harmonious part of the construction. The apparently intertwining steel trams actually form the stairs that the attendants may use to reach their seats. Once again, the idea that Herzog and de Meuron were looking for was an idea in which the form was free, away from rigid geometry while keeping it functional, leave alone appealing.

The games that were celebrated in 2008 in the city of Beijing had the Bird’s Nest Stadium as the main building. The design of the stadium was completely ground breaking. The Swiss architects in charge of the design looked to innovate. They created something new. They created a building that up to this day is amazing and a great masterpiece of creativity and aesthetics.

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