The best wild swimming in Italy

wild swimming

Waterfall plunge pool, blue lagoons, river beaches and hidden lakes; Italy is known for aquatic wonderland and more of a wild swimmer’s paradise. While you might be considered a bit nutty going wild swimming in Europe, this has always been the top priority for people of Italy who love swimming in rivers and lakes.

And why they would not choose to do that, after all Italy is the most exuberant place to experience wild swimming. Read more to find out the best places to do wild swimming in Italy.

Candalla, Tuscany

Located in between the Alps and the Apennines, in northern Tuscany, in the historic regions of Garfagnana and Lunigiana, this is by far the best place to experience wild swimming. You will observe that among ruins and fig-scented woodlands, the Lombricese stream runs over the waterfalls and between natural pools. You can dive from top of the waterfall or into the pool below the mill or you can relax in the shade of the beautiful woods. There is also a great place that serves awesome and authentic food on terraces and balconies overlooking the river. The name of the place is Osteria Candalla.

Bidente di Pietrapazza, Emilia Romagna

Here you will find natural pools, with boulders and slabs of the rock for sunbathing and diving. The Pietrapazza River is a tributary of the Bidente, near PoggioallaLastra, where over the years the river has carved out the large rock slabs, creating waterfalls and eddies. You and your family can have a fun time here by watching the scenes around or by simply diving in the river to get a summer relief.

TermeDelBullicame, Lazio

If you want to be lonely and want to get out of real hustle and bustle of the city, then it’s better to be at volcanic lakes of Lazio. You will experience the majestic waterfalls and hot springs in this area. This place offers free thermal baths and the water comes from a small crater now protected by a fence. The water temperature is about 58 degree Celsius and it flows through a series of small channels to feed into a pair of turquoise pools, it is generally that the smaller pool will have higher temperature and bigger pool will have the cooler temperature. There is absolutely no facility around this area and you need to bring your drinking water along with a sun cream and a sun umbrella too.

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