Best Skydiving destinations around the Globe

Interlaken in Switzerland

If you are an adrenalin junkie then probably skydiving is on top of your list. After all, with all its trill and terror this amazing sport is second to none. To Newbies who are terrified, don’t worry the human eyes have no perception for drops of more than 1500 meters. Isn’t it amazing? Read on to find out best skydiving destinations around the globe.

Taupe in New Zealand

Welcome to the skydiving capital of the world which attracts a maximum number of crazy people during summers to get their adrenalin pumping. The overall package is worth the price and you get a very good assistance.

Interlaken in Switzerland

This is one of the most beautiful and affordable destinations you can find across the world. The swizz Alps do an amazing job when it comes to skydiving. This place will fit right into your budget with no extra fee for personal assistance. Combined with your vacation package this deal is of amazing value.

Everest in Nepal

Don’t get surprised. The skydiving here happens only four times a year and you have to spend a hefty 15,000 USD for availing the same and that too in advance! Newbies shouldn't try it, may be Interlaken is a better choice.

Le Marche in Italy

This beautiful place is famous for its very supportive staff. Get immersed in the amazing and beautiful scenery during the drop.


Want to have a bird eye view of the entire Island? Skydiving in Hawaii makes it possible.  They use energy efficient planes, and students can do it for between 125-150 USD. This is indeed an incredible package compared to what you get.

Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia

One of the best in the world! But it is definitely not for newbies for they are in danger because of the active volcanoes. However, an experienced skydiver will find it extremely pleasurable and challenging.

Seville, Spain

This is perhaps the best you can get in the entire Europe considering the price. At less than 250 Euros for a stunning 15,000 feet drop is a bargain price. The spectacular scenery is an added bonus

Wollongong in Sydney, Australia

If you are someone with an obsession for scenic beauty and want a skydiving experience at a budget, look no further than Wollongong. You can see the beautiful coastline along amazingly beautiful Sydney.

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