The best of Provence


Provence endless charms have inspired many painters, travelers and writers galore. This southern place of France combines lively coastal quaint and cities, whisper-quiet villages which makes this destination as a favorite spot for many visiting it. The best time to travel to this place is June to August when farm lavender fields bloom in summer. If you are looking to travel in autumn then travel this place for the hints of orange and gold in the rolling hills.

Winter is also good for travel but you may need to stick to major cities as plenty of small-town restaurants and hotels close up after summers. It is obviously a tough decision to make that where should you go, once you reach Provence. Well, here are some of the hints which might help you in sorting your confusion:

  • Lavender: The best view of postcard-purple Provence is found at the Abbaye Norte-Dame de Senanque during the summers. The main sight and fragrance of lavender fields will also knock you sideways at the Plateau de Valensole.

  • Natural Wonders: If you looking for nature and beauty scenes around then Camargue’s National Park in Provence southwest has plenty of marshland along with the birdlife. You can move straight on to ParcOrnithologique du Pont de Gau to see blushing flamingos. For crystal waters and rocky views, you can travel to Gorges du Verdon. And the visitors travelling to tiny Roussillon will be rewarded with sight of red rocks and blazing oranges.

  • Small-town charm: If you want to relax and just want to have a traditional feel of Provence, go and explore the sleepy villages in stunning locations of Provence. Fontaine de Vaucluse and L’lsle-sur-la-Sorgue in western Provence are the villages which will make you refresh and the coastal charmers like Les Stes-Maries-de-la-Mer has awesome beach views, Spanish flavors and magnificent fragrance ice creams to keep you busy. Go for Mountain View and don’t miss the dizzily situated MoustiersSte-Marie.

  • Food and drinks: Foodies can enjoy Provence to the maximum level they want to. Wherever, you travel in Provence you will never starve for herb-strewn dishes and excellent cheese. You can stop at roadside stalls and have a taste of seasonal fruits. Also, try some of the best of jams, pastries and patties. Stop by vineyards surroundings Chateauneuf-du-Pape, where one of the best wines is produced. If you are sea food lover stop by Marseille and don’t leave without sampling a steaming bouillabaisse, which is a saffron-tinged fish. There is also an option to have a taste of desserts which are almond-flavored.

Plan you trip to Provence by Car, bike or public transport. By Car you will be getting a total freedom, however be prepared for car parking frustrations as the streets are really narrow there. It is best to plan it on public transport but plan ahead as smaller villages will not have frequent scheduled buses.

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