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Where to go?

Planning a trip to UK? Well that’s great news. But still confused about which spots to hit there? Well we have a way to pick you out of this trouble. It is recommended that you go for all those places that are regarded as the most popular ones. But if you even search in that way, there are hundreds of options you will get. In that case, we can help you further by giving the name and brief overview of ONE of the best places you can go for.

Why should one go for Brighton, East Sussex, UK?

Based on the countryside, if it is a big catch to be able to visit this place ad you must not miss it at any cost. The reason? Well it is simply beautiful and the place makes you fall in love with the whole ambience. Though it takes up half of the city of Brighton yet the din and bustle of the city is unlikely to pester you.  Not only is this place popular because of its beauty but also for its strong historic reference. The name Brighton probably traces back to the ‘brightelmstone’ of the Doomsday book but even after that Prince Regent used this place a resort to recover all ailments.


May is the best place to visit Brighton because the Brighton festival is held in May apart from the great sand sculpture exhibition that takes place. It is a place, which provides efficient hospitality and is a place which as something to offer for everybody. It is the ideal place for family trips as because it provides a flurry of activities like camping and exploring the place. It comprises of a large number of forts and castles carrying historic evidence, gardens, parks, etc. The greenery of the place is extremely soothing to the eyes. One of the famous monuments in Brighton is the Chapel Royal tower, which is situated on Brighton’s main thoroughfares.

There are so many places to hook to that it is suggested that you take up guides for this purpose. Missing Brighton festival is a big no- no for it is a festival which culminates various field of art and imbricates then into one form. It is a celebration of music, dance, theatre, circus, art, films, and what not. Apart from that, there are a number of festivals that go on all year round. Another appealing thing is that you will not have any problems regarding food and drinks there as because there are ample facilities for this purpose. The panoramic view of the whole place is mind- numbing and the place seems to pull you back towards it, so that one visit leaves you dissatisfied and you want to go back. The transportation system from Brighton is excellent because of the easy availability of trains to any parts of United Kingdom.

In a nutshell, if you do plan to visit UK keep a visit to Brighton the top of the agenda or else you will be left to regret.

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