The Best Eating Places in Manaus


Importance of Travelling

Since ages travelling has taken an important part in our lives. Apart from discovering new places and exploring newer regions of comfort and relaxation, people love travelling because of different kinds of cuisines that one comes across in various lands and places in the world.

About Manaus

One such place that is blessed with more sightseeing spots as well as delicious, palatable food is Manaus. Manaus is the capital city of Northern Brazil's state, Amazonas. It is situated in a typical location, at the junction point of the two rivers Negroes and Solimoes respectively. The city is popularly known to have many places to visit. More and more tourists come to visit the land of Manaus to enjoy a typical relaxation state of mind along with letting their taste buds to explore tastier food stuff.

Perfect Eating Destinations in Manaus

If you are tired of seeing places in Manaus and you are looking for the best restaurants where you might level-up your energy with perfect food, then the best choice that you can make is to go to Banzeiro. Being the winner of the famous Trip Advisor's Traveller's Choice award, Banzeiro is bound to impress you. The restaurant has always been in the limelight when it comes to the culinary scenes. It specializes in the fish dishes. The restaurant is known for the ability to combine taste with looks. The perfect aroma with the mesmerizing tastes is bound to make you feel completely satisfied along with the way it is being presented. While it does mainly use the local ingredients for the production of its delicious dishes, the chefs add a kind of twist in the form of French additions. The menu offers its customers with the chef's signature dishes that include Uarini tucunare fillet that has marinated sauce, butter-cooked vegetables, and broccoli rice along with many more.

Churrascaria Bufalo, as the name may suggest, is the perfect choice for those who have an indomitable passion for non-veg food that includes beef dishes. It can also be a good choice for vegetarians as the restaurant has options for one and all. With a rich history that goes back to almost three decades, the staff, even today makes sure that none of its customers leave while unsatisfied. Along with the obvious inclusion of baby beef as well as lamb chops, sea foods along with oriental lip-smacking dishes like sushi and sashimi are also present. To complement them you can also order wine from the more than 80 bottles collection that is derived from seven different nations.

For all those who love entertainment along with enjoying delicious food, Sax Bar and Restaurant is the perfect destination. The wine list that includes wine from 25 bottles, along with enjoying food like codfish balls and grilled tanbaqui accompanied with rice you can enjoy regional music.

Also you can visit the Canto Da Peixada, a place specialized mainly in fish and other kinds of seafood dishes. It is actually the ultimate destination for those who want to get the real taste of regional and traditional fish recipes of Manaus.

Manaus can definitely be the perfect destination for travelling. The dishes along with the restaurants are bound to leave you contented. After all, life is useless without letting oneself enjoying food to the fullest.

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