Berlin is the capital city of Germany. With a population of 3.5 million, it is the largest city of Germany. Located in the northeast part of Germany on River Spree, it has a temperate seasonal climate. One third of its area is covered in forest, parks, gardens, rivers and lakes.


Settlements started in this area around 1192, with small towns and communities. During the 15th century, Fredrick I’s successor made Berlin-Colln the capital and his family ruled until 1918, after which Hitler came to power. During the WW2 it saw great destruction by air-raids and after the defeat of Germany it was divided into four sectors by a wall called “The Berlin Wall”. After the end of the cold war this wall was demolished and Berlin was one again. After this, under a new government, it saw great development. In 2006 The FIFA World Cup Final was played in this city.


Berlin is known for its various cultural traditions. An innovative music, art and dance panorama has urbanized in the 21st century. International entertainers and entrepreneurs have settled in this city and have made it a popular entertainment city in Europe. Berlin has 138 museums and 400 art galleries. There are many Turkish and Arab immigrant families who have spread their culture throughout Berlin. Many foods which were originated in Turkey such as Donor Kebabs (Shawarma) are found here. The modern version of Shawarma was invented in Berlin in 1971. It has the most visited zoo in all of Europe, The Berlin Zoo, which presents the most diverse range of animal species in the world. Berlin’s Botanischer Garden includes the Botanic Museum of Berlin. It is full of 22,000 different plant species. It is one of the largest and most diverse collections of botanical life.


Berlin has established a good reputation as a host city of International sporting events. The city hosted the 1936 Summer Olympics and was the host of the FIFA World Cup 2006 final. The IAAF World Championship in Athletics was held in its stadium, the Olympia Stadium in 2009. It also hosts  an annual marathon in which many German runners take part.

Berlin is a very entertaining, full of life, cultural and green city. For people who want to visit the cities of the world, this one should be on your list of recommended cities.

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