Berlin-So Traditional Yet Contemporary


The friendly people and a variety of major landmarks attract tourists to the glorious city of Berlin. Many places in the world are striking, but some are more distinguishable than others and Berlin is one of them. Berlin stands illustrious at the juxtaposition of a terrifying past and a bright future. This city pays tribute to its dark past with Murdered Jews memorial and Topography of terror while welcoming the modern culture with open arms in the form of museums, nightclubs, and the remains of the fallen Berlin Wall.

What to Eat in Berlin?

Berlin gives its visitors a verity of options to choose from in the segment of delicious foods. If someone is inclined to have traditional and ethnic German food,Currywurstis the most excellent dish to try,which is a bratwurst topped with delicious curry and ketchup.Other international platters can be tasted in the neighborhood of Kreuzberg.

Places to Explore in Berlin?

Brandenburg Gate- This historical gate was once the entrance to this famous city and now stands proud as a famous attraction. The lights which illuminate this gate at night are a sight worth seeing.

Berlin Wall- The remnants of the fallen wall can be viewed and it symbolizes the integration of this powerful and huge city.

Reichstag- The country’s Parliament building is one of the beautiful architectural marvels of the city with the glorious glass dome on top.

Tiergarten-One must enjoy the peacefulness and the greenery of this expansive park.

Other places to be explored and enjoyed include Museum Island, Friedrichstrasse&Ku'Damm for the latest fashion trends, Mitte, Kreuzberg and Wiener Strasse for their amazing nightlife and bars.

Practical Information to Keep in Mind

  • One should visit the city in winter to get the best deals on hotels and flights.

  • The museums and galleries should be visited free of charge on Thursdays.

  • Some phrases like Bitte (Please), Guten Tag( Hello) and Danke(Thank You) will take you a long way in Berlin, although most Berliners speak excellent English.

  • Punctuality is a very significant characteristic of Berliners and one is advised to be on time for any event.

  • In Berlin, money has to be handed over personally to the waiter with a small tip, after receiving the cheque.

  • Be aware of pickpockets as it is a common practice in Germany.

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