Benni Hammad Fort Algerian City

Benni Hammad Fort Algerian City

For you as a tourist to Algeria an amazing city to visit is Beni Hammad Fort, which was the capital of Hammadid dynasty in the eleventh century. Basically Benni Hammad is a treat for the tourists who like to visit places of historical importance. Let’s have a little know how about its wonders.

City is located in the mountainous region with water coming from the high mountains. It can easily be accessed through road, so if you are fond of adventurous road trips, then this is a must try trip starting from the town of Maadid. In 1980 this city was given the status of World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It is often referred to as an Authentic Picture of a Fortified Muslim City.

This fortified city right now is not in a very good condition. However, a visit to these ruins can really make up your day. Here, walking beside the seven kilometer long walls of the fort will take you back to the early eleventh century, and you would feel like you are a citizen of that old civilization.

Inside the city are four residential complexes, which used to be the homes of kings and queens about thousand years ago. According to story legends, royal families came here to hunt and enjoy their time.

A mosque was built by the rulers of this place, and it is still one of the largest mosques in the country only after the Grand Mosque of Kairouan. Long minaret of this mosque is visible from quite a long distance and is a sign of the great civilization that once ruled this region.

A lot of artifacts including coins, jewels and ceramics have been found there during the process of excavation. There is a museum here preserving all these artifacts and people of Algeria take great pride in showing these to the tourists. Included among these is a lion head motif which was placed in the fountain in the middle of the fort.

Another place that is worth visit in the city is the Lake Palace. It is named so because of a rectangular pool that was once used for boats. This palace is also a marvel of good civic sense that the kings of Hammadid dynasty possessed.

This place has not yet been fully discovered by the archeologists and the wide gardens that are spread over the city still have many mysteries hidden in them, which one day would be unfolded. People who like to resolve mysteries and love adventure, for them this is a must try palace.

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