Beijing-The Un-Forbidden City

Beijing Panda House

Beijing offers both modern facilities and ancient culture. It is very hard to pick the top attractions in the city as it has so much to offer. However, the below are not to be missed:

The Great Wall of China: The only man made structure that is so grand that it is visible from the moon! It is a must visit. Note that the great wall doesn't exist in a continuous line but in different sections. There are 8 locations of the Great Wall around Beijing open to public. Choose the section as per you preference. There are the sections which have been renovated and are easy to walk on. And then there are sections which are wild and original, these are difficult to trek upon. Great for adventure seekers but difficult for families and the elderly.

The Forbidden City: It is a UNESCO world heritage site and one of the planet’s biggest tourist attractions. The world's largest palace complex is spread over 74 hectares and has more than 8,700 rooms. It was the house to 24 emperors and there is history behind every rock in this building. Take a guided tour to understand its significance. There are many types of tours, choose the one that suits you. It takes almost half a day to visit the Forbidden City. It is mostly crowded so try to avoid the crowds as much as possible.

Beijing Panda House: A wildlife lover’s dream, the Beijing Panda House is spread over 86 hectares, housing over 5000 animals. There are 450 different species including extremely rare ones like the Red Panda, Manchurian tigers, Tibetan yaks, huge sea turtles and the exotic animals from all over the world like Indian elephants. However, the major attraction is the world famous Giant Panda. Also a visit to the Aquarium section is not to be missed.

Summer Palace (Yiheyuan): 'The Museum of Royal Gardens' is a heavenly treat to nature lovers and cultural enthusiasts. Built for the Chinese royals to rest and relax, this palace is a blend of royal opulence and natural beauty. There are court areas, gardens, temples, towers and numerous halls, all with their own stories to tell. But the star of the show is the natural beauty of the place. Make sure to visit the 150 meters long 17-Arch Bridge that offers a scenic picturesque view of the lake and mountains.

Many cultural operas are available but the Kung Fu show is something not to be missed.

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