The beauty of South Africa

South Africa

A mention of the country South Africa brings to mind the dark times of Apartheid, but the truth is South Africa has steadily risen from the dark dust of its past and is now one of the most frequently visited countries in Africa. The attractions to visit in this gorgeous country are immense, however below is a look at some of its more outstanding attractions:

The exotic Boulders Beach

Located in the Cape Peninsula near Simon’s Town is the sheltered beach (the Boulders beach). The beach is one of the most popular tourist spots so be prepared for a crowd or two. It is also home to the famed African penguins dubbed as the “Jackass” for its donkey-like bray. The beach comprises of beautiful soft white sand and massive granite boulders. There are restricted spots for swimming in order not to interfere with these beautiful flightless birds. In addition, there are various other species of bird life and mammals awaiting you with the backdrop of the beautiful waters.

Explore the swanky coastal gem with a visit to the Clifton Beaches

When you take the ten minute drive from the city center, you will enter into the wonderful world of beaches and exotic houses at Clifton. They are located at the northwest tip of South Africa’s Cape Peninsula. Dubbed as Cape Town’s St. Tropez, Clifton offers a beautiful fascination to visitors from gorgeous beaches to wonderful sceneries. Granite protrusions divide the beaches into four; The First beach, the second beach, the third beach and the fourth beach, each with safe waters for swimming(although you need to be aware of the chilly Atlantic waters)Surfers have the time of their lives at the beach while sailors get to sail through glistering blue waters aboard their gorgeous yachts.

Enjoy breathtaking views at the Table Mountain.

Table Mountain is a true walker’s paradise. You get to hike onto the gorgeous mountain top and get rewarded by splendid views all around. In case walking is not your cup of tea, then you can take the cable car to the mountain top and view gorgeous surroundings. Among the beautiful views to look forward to see are the Atlantic Ocean, the Cape Town city and surrounding suburbs. There are wonderful floras and faunas awaiting visitors as they hike along the mountain.

The flat-topped mountain graces the Flag of Cape town in addition to other local government insignia. Since it forms part of the Table Mountain National Park, visitors can look forward to exotic flora and fauna, an exploration of the African Penguins colony with a visit to Boulders beach and beautiful views of the Cape of Good Hope and the Cape Point. Some of the animals in region include the mountain zebra, eland, bontebok, rock hyrax, caracal, the chacma baboons , the Klipspringer in addition to a variety of small antelope species such as the Cape Grysbok.

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