Beauty of Grand Canyon National Park

GrandCanyon National Park

Do you know about the 15th oldest national park in the United States? Grand Canyon National Park is the 15th oldest national park, and it is located in Arizona. The key feature of this national park is a gorge of the Colorado River. The Grand Canyon is one of the seven natural wonders in the world. The total area of this national park is 1,217,262 acres. In 1919, this park was named as Grand Canyon National Park officially.

The Grand Canyon National Park is famous due to extensive system of tributary canyons, layer of colorful rocks, extensive size and depth. It is reported that the incision of the Colorado River created this canyon. The public areas of the Grand Canyon National Park include the south and North rims of the park. People can visit and get access to these areas. You can also use the backcountry roads and pack trail to access some other places. Most of the area in this park is extremely rugged. If you want to travel to Navajo bridge in Grand Canyon National Park, you will travel for 5 hours in a fast moving vehicle. The headquarters of this park is located at Grand Canyon village. You can also use the option of Rim trail and private flyover service to cross this national park.

South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park

The highway is present in to access to any part of this Rim, you different access to thirty miles of the South rim by roads and highways. Most of the visitors prefer to visit the South Rim to enjoy the natural habitat and conditions.

North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park

It is a smaller area, and it has less tourist activity as it is difficult to be accessed by visitors.

Services for tourists

The services are available at the north end of this park, The Grand Canyon village serves the visitors with the best services with high quality including travel, accommodation, fuel, lodging, churches, hospitals and food. The guides are also present to guide tourists. Therefore, the Grand Canyon National Park is the best place to visit in the United States. If you are found of natural wonders, you should visit the Grand Canyon National Park.

Important Activities

The visitor can enjoy several activities here like Rim trail, private canyon flyovers and hikes. There are available private flyover services for tourists whom enjoy riding helicopters and small airplanes. Most of The visitors come here to cross the Grand Canyon National Park. You should travel for 5 hours in a car to cross this national park. It is reported that millions of tourists come to visit the Grand Canyon National Park each year. It offers the amazing natural environment and habitat. It is a good idea or plan to visit the Grand Canyon National Park.

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