The Beautiful and the Serene River Seine

River Seine

Paris is known for its impeccable fashion sense, but the place has more to offer than just fashion or even Pizza. Paris has beautiful buildings, parks and even rivers. Romance is another thing, often associated with Paris and there is probably nothing more romantic than drifting lazily down the Seine River, with the moon and the stars looking at you from above, casting their reflection down in the river.

The Seine River goes throughout the heart of Paris and an interesting fact about this river is that there are about thirty seven bridges over it! The oldest one out of these bridges is Pont Neuf which was built in 1607 and Pont Des Art which is only meant for pedestrians.

A cruise down the river Seine means to explore the main areas of Paris, just like that. One of the first things you will see as your cruise begins is the ever so famous, Eiffel Tower which was built in the year 1889 by Gustave Eiffel, commemorating the centennial of the Revolution. It is said to be 1063 feet tall and in the past, it has held the record of being the highest structure in the world. It is beautiful and the glittering lights of this tower are even more magnificent.

After the Eiffel tower, the second noteworthy thing you are likely to spot during your cruise is one of the world’s largest museums and historical monuments called the Louvre. It was built in the 12th century, while in the year 1973 it was opened as a museum. Several paintings, art objects, sculptures, Greek, Roman and Islamic art etc are all found here. Adjacent to the Louvre is the Tuileries Gardens, which were created by Catherine de’Medici in 1564.

After passing a few other sights and sounds, you will finally spot Notre Dame Cathedral, if you are having this cruise during the night time the illuminated Notre Dame Cathedral will look 10 times more glorious! It is considered to be a historic cathedral and has a lot of importance in French Gothic architecture. The construction of this cathedral began in 1163 and was not completed until 1345.

When you see a glass-domed roof, be assured that you are now looking at Grand Palais, which is an exhibition hall and a museum. It is ornately decorated in the Beaux-Arts architecture style. Adjacent to the Grand Palais is the Petit Palais. Grand in French, means big or huge or grand, whereas petit means small, little, dainty etc.

There are a number of other places you are likely to see when you are cruising down the Seine River. There are several other ways to explore Paris as well, but this cruise is certainly the most relaxing way to do so. You get to sit back, hear your tour guide explain things to you and soak all the information in. The cruise does not move that fast either, so if you want, you can even take great pictures!

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