The Beautiful Land of Chile


Chile is a country on South America known for its breathtakingly beautiful land. It is a land of lakes, such beautiful lakes that you would want to be there forever and would not want to go back. Such amazing views are not common, making Chile one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

Chile is a touristic hotspot because it gives people exactly what they want; beauty. Routine life can get very tiring and boring and when you want to go abroad on holidays you want to have a great experience that would retain your faith in the beauty of this world. Countries which offer beauty rather than contemporary structures are more loved because they are more beautiful; everything in nature is lovelier.

Lake District

The Lake District in Chile has twelve major, gorgeously blue lakes, forests, mountains with snow capped peaks and rivers. As the name suggests, there are twelve big lakes and the rest are smaller and present in more quantities. It is compared with Switzerland because of the amazing views. Handicrafts are sold and it is open for tourism round the year because of the temperate climate.

Marble Caves Chile, Patagonia

Marble Caves in Patagonia are of the most beautiful sites bestowed on us by nature. The marbles have beautiful designs and the contrast between it and the clear blue water is absolutely amazing. The lake near the marble caves is the beautiful and ice blue “lake Carrera”. There is a Marble Cathedral there which is an azure network of marbles making a labyrinth.

Seven Lakes

The seven lakes are one of the most beautiful lakes in Chile. This group of lakes is beautifully placed and surrounded by thick woods. The seven lakes have black sand beaches that make the area more beautiful.

The group of lakes includes Panguipilli, Pirihueico, Calafquen, Pellaifa, Neltume and Rinihue. The names are difficult but the area is excessively beautiful providing lovely views.

Traveling the Carretera Austral

Route 7 of Chile better known as Carretera Austral is a dirt road which is the boon of riders because of the spectacular views it offers. The road is 1250 kilometers long and might take a few days to cross it, but the exercise and fatigue are worth the amazing views. You cannot cross the whole path by road; there are ferries connecting different areas and one of these ferries is functional only in two months. So for ten out of the twelve months the Carretera Austral cannot be reached to the end.

The views on the way include lakes and ferry rides that give views of azure lakes on background of blue sky. Forests are also found on the way along with mountains. Mountains which are actually volcanoes but covered with snow make the landscape exquisite. The great thing about Chile is that when you go there it seems as if you have just stepped into a postcard, the only difference is that it is three dimensional.

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