The Beautiful Beaches of Brazil-Copacabana and Ipanema


The Beach Culture in Brazil:

In all of Brazil, the beach culture can be observed. Sandy beaches, sun, tanned skin people lounging around--the works. People consider beach as one of the most happening places to hang out at, sport tournaments like volley ball, soccer and even surfing etc. are often held there. People meet up soak up some rays and gossip.

One would think that after the sun sets, the people of Brail return to their homes, but that is not true. At night, parties and bonfires are arranged. The hustle and bustle at the beaches continues throughout the day.


One of the world’s greatest beaches is wedged, situated on what seems to be a strip of land at the foothills of Rio. And it is none other than the Copacabana beach which is famous for its non-stop party atmosphere. For the young and old folks alike, at Copacabana, partying seems like a ritual.

The beach is decorated with bars and nightclubs which are never empty. The beach is 5km long and is almost never deserted. Either you will see people sleeping peacefully or sunbathing under umbrellas. Children running around with beach balls, some even immersed in making the perfect sand castles, the grownups talking and laughing with martinis in their hands, the whole scene is totally laid back.

For the safety of those present at the beach, a number of lifeguard stations called ‘postas’ are available around. The Copacabana beach stretches from Princesa Isavel Avenue and goes all the way to the lifeguard watchtower six which is near the Forte de Copacaban.

Ipanema Beach:

The Copacabana beach is not the only beach in Brazil! Towards the south of Rio de Janeiro, almost adjacent to the Copacabana beach is another amazing beach called Ipanema. The Ipanema beach has a number of world class restaurants, cafes and shopping malls lined up. Hands down, Ipanema is one of the classiest, also most expensive, places in Rio. It definitely represents the high life of Brazil. The locals and the tourists both can be found shopping, eating or just enjoying themselves at Ipanema beach.

Ipanema, too, is a favorite spot to hang out, especially for the youth. Surfers can have a lot of fun here. One very interesting thing about Ipanema is that the beach is divided into formal sections. You may select according to your likes.

For instance, those who like surfing, go to Posto 7 because it is gives them a better chance to catch good and big waves to surf on. Also, people from towns like Cantagalo and Pavao, choose Posto 7 as their spot as it is the closest to their town. Posto 9, is where all the young students hang out. Laughing, talking, playing sports, etc is what happens here.

Both the Copacabana and Ipanema beaches are excellent tourist spots.

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