When you think of one of the biggest party capitals in the world, the city of Barcelona would feature pretty high on that list. It is the capital city of Catalonia, which is an autonomous community in Spain. The second largest country in Spain, Barcelona has some of the most amazing man-made architecture in the world with its amazing churches, museums and art galleries. A city with a very rich culture and heritage, a visit is a must for anybody considering the level of tourist attractions in the city. Out of so many attractions which you can certainly visit, here are threeplaces that you just must visit in Barcelona:

Camp Nou Stadium:

It’s not very often that a football stadium features number one on a list of tourist attraction, but when your city’s football stadium can house over 95,000 people and your football club is one of the best teams of all time, then there is some credibility. FC Barcelona, the football club which has honed the talents of many all-time greats like Johan Cruyff, Pep Guardiola, Xavi, Iniesta, Lionel Messi to name a few has one of the best stadiums in the whole world, and a visit here, especially when they face bitter rivals Real Madrid, is a must.

Park Güell:

Park Guell is a public park system that is also a UNO World Heritage site that consists of many gardens and architectonic elements. The park, assigned by Eusebi Guell to Antoni Gaudi, one of Catalonia’s most renowned architects, is considered a work of genius by owing to the complex iconography that Gaudi applied to the project. The awe inspiring sight just never fades from the memory.  The hallmark of the park is that it is skilfully designed to bring the peace and calm that one would expect from a park, and is celebrated the world over.

 The National Museum of Art of Catalonia:

This National museum Art of Catalonia is located in the heart of Barcelona, is world-famous for its wonderful architecture along with its collection of Romanesque, Gothic as well as Renaissance and Baroque Art. A huge building, that encompasses over 50,000 square meters, the museum ranks as one of the must-visit museums of the world for art aficionados owing to its wide and eye-catching range of paintings and collections, a pride for the city of Barcelona.

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