Bangkok-One of The Top Tourist Attractions


Bangkok is the capital of Thailand, and it has been the dominant city since the eighteenth century. This city was established in 1767, after the collapse of the ancient city of Ayutthaya, and it is located on the Chao Phraya River, which is one of Asia's most important rivers. Bangkok grew rapidly during 1990s and one of the pillars of its growth was tourism, since this city owns rich culture and history that offer visitors a plethora of choices, in addition to many tourist attractions.

In Bangkok you can also find a big to do list, especially in nightlife, which made it one of the top destinations for travelers and especially for honeymooners. Over the past decades, Bangkok developed to be a modern and exciting city and what made it one of the best tourist destinations is that it doesn't only offer travelers international facilities and nightlife activities, but it also gives tourists a treasure of history that everyone would like to know about.

On the top of your to do list is visiting the Grand Palace in Bangkok. It is simply the city's most important landmark that was built in 1782 and it used to be the home of the Thai King, the administrative seat of the government, and the Royal court. This beautiful place attracts millions of visitors every year who appreciate history and value this type of beauty.

The Grand Palace is like the rest of Ratanakosin Island and the Outer Court, near the entrance, used to be the place for government departments, and also there is the Temple of the Emerald Buddah that is located in one corner of this outer court. As for the Central Court, it is where you can find the residence of the King, besides halls for conducting state business gatherings.

Furthermore, there is the famous Thavibu Gallery that takes its name from the three countries it is representing: Thailand, Vietnam and Burma, and it is famous for being selective and for being a home for more than one thousand paintings. The price of these paintings reflect their big value as it is ranging between three thousand dollars to fifty thousand dollars, and it is a destination for a number of international collectors.

Nevertheless, you should try Bangkok clubs, which are great places to visit at night to find pleasure. Bangkok clubs are also famous for not being so expensive and this is attracting more travelers. Also you can find different types of music, food and drinks, as these clubs are keen on attracting all nationalities visiting this active city.

What makes Bangkok a destination for honeymooners is that it doesn't miss romance and privacy. In Bangkok you can find romantic hotels, restaurants and beaches full of honeymooners spending good times. Never forget that there are places dedicated for romantic times such as cruises and seas restaurants that really make your memories

Bangkok is simply a place for recreation and a destination of pleasure, so travelers simply can feel a real difference after visiting this great city.

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