Banff National Park

Banff National Park

Established in 1885, in the Rocky Mountains, Banff National Park is a perfect place for all those who love mountains and are hiking enthusiasts. It is located in the Banff Town in the province of Alberta, situated 110 miles west of Calgary. The park encompasses 2564 square miles of mountainous terrain. It wouldn't be wrong if we say it is a marvelous heaven for travelers.

People visit here for some good reasons as to stay happy, fresh, close to nature and gather the splendorous memories. All one can get here is harmonious, peaceful and romantic essence of nature. It has several ice fields and glaciers that make it one of the worth seeing tourist destinations of world.

What is Special about This Park?

The park has many glistening glaciers and vast ice fields. But along with this, there are dense coniferous forests and pretty alpine meadows as well! That means that the place has some spectacular views. Apart from scenic treasure, the park also has the wildlife experience for travelers to enjoy the real charm of close to nature place. Mountains, wildlife, forest, river, snowfall, and beautiful flowery plants make this place a real heaven on earth.

If you are in Canada, on your holidays, you must visit this park. You will never forget the amazing charisma of Banff National Park for years once you visit it. It welcomes its visitors throughout the year in almost every season, including winter for snow falling, summer for swimming, autumn for forest colors, and spring for hiking.

The Banff National Park also offers many chances to explore the cultural heritage of the Alberta Province. While enjoying your vacations, you can also take in a little bit of culture by visiting this park. It was established by John Macdonald, who then became the Prime Minister of Canada. In the entire continent of North America, this park is the second oldest park. It was known as the wealthiest tourist attraction of the Europe that receives millions of tourists annually. Not only its scenic beauty, but also the Albertan culture present in Banff National Park and its surrounding that provides visitors with the best opportunities to explore the Canadian culture.  It is also registered as the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The park also has a museum where you can observe more than 5000 natural history specimens. The park has rangers who give regular talks on photography, outdoor adventure, wildlife, and human history. These talks are very inspirational and informative for tourists to know more about the Canadian wealth of nature.

If you like to spend your time at the park, more actively, you will find plenty of things to do. For those of you who are particularly fond of mountaineering, the ideal time to visit the park is in the summers. You can find a significant portion of the central Canadian Rockies, with Cascade Mountain and other peaks that you could climb. The park also offers cycling and horse riding. Water related activities like canoeing, swimming, fishing and scuba-diving are also offered by Banff. The railway track in the center of the forest provides the awesome scenery for visitors and train passengers as well.  It also has several art galleries to explore as the artistic treasure of Canadian wealth and culture. Cave and Basin National Historic Site of Canada is also located in Banff Town to add the more magnetism in the amaze of Banff National Park.

Those who are particularly interested in fishing will be able to spot many different kinds of fish in the waters, like African jewelfish, brook stickleback and various other species of minnow and trout.

You will also spot many different animals during your visit to the park- moose, wolves, red squirrels, coyotes, mountain goats, wolverines etc. Even many of Canada’s endangered species like the warbler, woodland caribou can also be spotted.

When is the best time to visit the park?

Though winter in Canada is quite severe, but visiting the Banff Park during the winters, definitely has its perks. Activities like waterfall, cross country skiing, ice skating, ice climbing and snowshoeing are so much fun, which you can only experience during the winters.

But still, no matter at what time of the year you visit the park, you will have a great time. Then there are activities which happen all year round, like bird watching. Do not forget to take your camera along, as you will definitely be coming across many sites that are worth capturing.

Are there any accommodation facilities available at the park?

The park offers a variety of accommodation options, in the park, and some even in the nearby town of Jasper. You can get the luxurious as well as the under budget accommodation facility here in quite affordable packages with car rental and travel guide as well. These options range from budget hostels to five star hotels and condos. The park also offers camping under the stars. There are 13 campgrounds with over 2,400 sites where people can set up their tents, light up a fire and have a good time.

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