Avignon-Let's Discover The Beauty of France's Historical Wonders


The wondrous city of Avignon is located on the bank of Rhone River; this is a typical French commune with great architectural sites. It is surrounded by walls that were erected in 14th century with the purpose of defending it from any attack or invasion. With the passage of time these defensive walls got eroded. However, in the nineteenth century they were renovated and now are preserved in their original color. Being a part of the city’s old is gold heritage, these attract many visitors from all across the globe. So, during your exciting trip to Avignon, don’t forget to have a breathtaking view at the time of sunset, as the view is simply marvelous at that time.

Papal Palace is the place that is a must visit once you are in Avignon. It has an interesting history associated with it as being the largest Gothic palace in the entire world. This palace was built in 1309, when Pope Clemet V abandoned Rome and settled here. This palace remained the seat of Papal power for more than seventy years. Now, UNESCO has declared it a world heritage site. If you visit this palace don't forget to hire a local guide, if you want to explore every aspect of its grandeur.

Avignon is full of historical wonders and the next place worth visiting is the Notre-Dame des doms. Located next to the Papal palace, Notre-Dame Des doms was once used to be the chapel where town's people visited for prayers, but with the passage of time was converted into museums. These were originally built in the 12th century.

If you are planning to spend your holidays in Avignon then the best time is during the summers, as you will get a chance to witness the famous and historic Avignon Festival. Though these festivals are arranged in several other months too, but the one in summers is believed to be the most attractive. Every age group enjoys the festival as it has something for each of them from lectures to theatrical performances, from live orchestras to jazz and rock concerts.

Festival also holds premiers for a number of large scale movies, and the best thing is the food. During the festival, you can enjoy the authentic French cuisines along with many other ones as a large number of restaurants put their food stalls here. So don't miss the fun this summer and do visit Avignon with your loved ones for enjoying fun filled moments.

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