Ever heard of the term old is gold? Yes, age matters when it comes to tourism! In a country packed with visit worthy places that can sweep you off the ground in a single glance; the oldest of them certainly deserves special attention. Established a hundred and thirty nine years ago, the Ausable Chasm claims to be America’s first natural tourist spot!

Located a mere 12 miles south of Plattsburg, New York Ausable Chasm sandstone gorge forms in the midst of a thick green forest –almost giving a surreal image in comparison to the surroundings. Though it is a small 2 mile long gorge in the massive Adirondack Mountain range, it is regarded by some as the Grand Canyon of the east, for the steep cuts on its wall that make it look similar to the GC.

One thing is certain for those who are planning a visit to the place this spring; there’s no shortage of inbound routes! Conveniently enclosed between Burlington from the East, Lake Placid from the West, Montreal from the North and New York City from the South; you can reach it from all the sides through well-placed routes.

The ease of access means a huge number of visitors!Being host to more than ten million visitors, the gorge is a widely recognized attraction. Rest assured, the primordial scenery has enough to keep you mesmerized in itself rather than anything worldly you might see. The management also plays its part in making sure that everyone has something of interest –not that it was required!Their guided walking tours let you experience the closest to nature tour inside the gorge to have a look at some of the most enthralling rock formations and floral collections.From there on,the path is taking you on a raft to cover the rest of the area through the deepest sections of the gorge –some as deep as a hundred and fifty feet!

The fun doesn't end just there! If you are more of the adventurous kind, you are not in the wrong place at all; the Ausable Chasm Campground and Recreation Center present to you biking trails as long as 15 miles. Taking you through the unspoiled forests while keeping you close to the gorge at the same time; the bike trails give an exhilarating experience. It is a place suitable for all, the Wickham Marsh State Trail for instance has been designed for the professionals while the trained staff helps novices through the easier tracks.A tour to a place involving water would be incomplete if there’s no rafting involved, so the Ausable Chasm offers a state of the art facility that can accommodate regular rafters as well as vacationing families who want to give it a try. After your trip, a rapid cruise through the sharp edged gorges at the safe hands of guides can stay in your memory as one of the best experiences you have ever had.

It’s a life closest to nature as well as adventure; a must visit stop for all the tourists of the spring season. Although the surroundings of New York City are filled with breathtaking attractions; this 2 mile spot is one of my personal favorites! Don’t miss the opportunity if you have one!

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