Shanghai is the largest and the most traditionally developed metropolis in Mainland China. Situated on the estuary of the Yangtze River, this city is now the hub of the international trade, science and technological advancements in east china. Tourists are pouring in to witness the development and advancement. Some of its major attractions are:

The Bund- This is the world famous harbor, which served as Shanghai's center since 1846. The word "bund" has been derived from the Anglo Indian word used for embankment. Now this water front is surrounded by different types of architectures like Gothic, Classicism, Renaissance and Romanesque. It is a sight to behold, especially at night with all the colorful lights illuminating it up!

Shanghai Acrobatics- This famous show is performed every night for about 2 hours at the Shanghai Center Theater. This troupe was established in 1951 and since then balancing acts, contortionists, plate spinning and complicating juggling has been a few of its famous acts.

Shanghai Museum- One of the best of its kind, it is proud of its 11 galleries and over 1,20,000 artifacts. The Stone Sculpture Gallery and the Bronze Gallery are the most familiar with artifacts that are dated back to the 1700 s. The Shanghai Science and Technology Museum's Wisdom of Light Hall is the most not able exhibition hall of the metropolis.

Shanghai World Financial Center- This is the world's fourth tallest building, standing at a height of 492 m and 101 floors above the ground level tall. The 100th floor is the highest observatory in the world with transparent glass walled walkways.

Jade Buddha Temple- This Chinese Buddhist temple is famous for its white jade Buddhas carved from a single slab of Burmese jade. These statues had been imported from Burma in 1881. There are also several ancient carvings, painting sand precious other cultural relics. It is a peaceful and tranquil refuge away from the noise of the city. Many monks can be seen here performing the rites of the Buddhist ceremonies.

Yu Yuan Garden- This garden offers a tranquil atmosphere in spite of being located in the heart of the city. At a stretch of 5 acres, with 30 pavilions, this garden is a safe haven. It's called Yuyuan which mean speace and health in Chinese. This sixteenth century designed garden had been built as a private garden for Pan Yunduan. Now it is open for the public at the charge of a limited entrance fee.

Huangpu River Cruise- The Huangpu River flows about 114 kilometers from Dingshan Lake. 40 km of this river is within the area of Shanghai. It is only about 400 m full and 9 meters deep, and it supplies water to the 13 million people residing in the metropolis. The cruises on this river range from 30 minutes to about four hours long. Some evening cruises include dinners under the city lights.

XinTian Di- This famous restaurant is located at Lane no, 181 Taicang Road Shanghai, which is one of the oldest Shikumen residential area. This area of 30,000 square meters is a classic blend of the modern in an old area. This area provides an excellent view of the past and present cultures of Shanghai. The Shikumen architecture found in the streets in the north block is a stark contrast to the modern buildings in the south block.

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