Atlanta-A Blend of Adventure and Fun

Atlanta:ABlend of Adventure and Fun

Atlanta is one of the best tourist attractions in USA. According to a 2010 survey it was ranked seventh among the most visited cities in America. Though it has a great history its fame in the international arena came from the 1996 Summer Olympics, the world’s biggest multi-event sporting event, which was also unofficially considered as the centennial Olympics.

Tour de Past

The great human rights activist, Sir Martin Luther King’s childhood memorabilia, as well as, the mortal remains have been kept here with proper respect and care.

Declared as the busiest international airport and with a population of more than 5 million; Atlanta remains one of the finest places, with its scenic leisure, in the southeast region of USA. One can breathe fresh air as you go through the 185 acre botanical gardens and climbing trail or while enjoying fishing on the verdant banks of Chattahoochee River.

Opened in 1929, the Fox Theater still demonstrates all the extravagance of the historical era in its impressive Egyptian architecture and customized appendage. The tour of this theater can be taken on Monday, Thursday and Saturday and an advance booking is required, to avoid the rush. The High Museum of Art has approximately 12,000 art objects and paintings ranging from the Renaissance to the Civil Rights period, is also in Atlanta.

The Fun Quotient

Irrespective of ages, children, young and old can find a firsthand experience at the Georgia Aquarium, which is located at the Centennial Olympic Park. 100,000 animals,more or less,and with millions of gallons of unsullied sea water, the aquarium is recognized as the largest in the world. The Georgia coastline and touch-pools let people to get up close and personal contact with stingrays, horseshoe crabs, etc.

An invention of soda by Atlanta’s famous pharmacist Dr. John S. Pembertonin 1886 was actually meant as an antidote for a headache but it has forever turned out to be one of America’s most popular soft drinks, ‘COKE’. The empirical museum not only shows a functioning bottling line;it offers a glass bottle of ‘Coke’ for every visitor, but also shows more than 1,000 special artifacts, from vintage‘Coke’ bottles to a delivery truck that traveled a route in Argentina in the year 1939.

At the scenic Grand Park, the famous zoo is the haven of jungle creatures from across the world. In the Midtown, you can find the Center for Puppetry Arts that regularly hosts programs, along with informative workshops.

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