A mention of Athens brings to mind a city that happened thousands of years ago, a city that is home to age-old buildings and such a rich history to boot. Athens is not only the capital and largest city of Greece, but it is also one of the world’s oldest cities. In terms of tourism, there are plenty of places to explore, rich in history, culture and providing for optimal optical nutrition!

A step into this gorgeous city will feel like a transportation to a large village so to speak, simply because the modern times and buildings have been kept to a bare minimal and instead, care has been taken to preserve remarkable character that has endeared through the years. A visit to this beautiful city will provide you with a splendid air of intimacy and hominess, perhaps in relation to being embraced as a large village!

There are numerous places to visit in Athens, below are some of them:

Visit with Acropolis:

The Rock of Acropolis, which is the site of some of the most important masterpieces of worldwide architecture and art, has a number of places to explore.

As you explore this area, be sure to visit with these places:

The Summit of the Acropolis where you will find a number of remains and ancient structures to explore such as:

  • The Propylaia which are dubbed as the gateway to the Acropolis throughout history

  • The Panathenaic Way which at one point in time was the route for the great annual procession for ancient Athen’s Panathenaic Festival. A festival that was thrown in honor of the city’s patron goddess Athena.

  • The Temple of Athena Nike which overlooks the Sardonic Gulf and Pireus and is according to myth, one of the platforms that was used by King Aegeus to maintain vigil for the safe return of his son Theseus from his mission to assassinate the Minotaur of Crete.

  • The Parthenon Temple which was intended as a new sanctuary for Athena and is the first building on Pericles’ scheme.

  • The Erechtheion which is the last of the great works of Pericles and is believed according to myth to be the site on which Athena and Poseidon held a contest, this contest was judged by their fellow Olympian gods.

Other places to visit while in Acropolis include: The Monument of Thrasyllos, Stoa of Eumenes, The Peripatosand the Acropilic Museum.

Other places to visit in Athens:

Aside from visiting Acropolis, be sure to visit with Pláka, with its narrow lanes and stepped alleys and while there pay a visit to Anafiótika which will provide you with a slice of old Athens. Visit with Piraeus, the port of Athens with attractive cafes, bars and restaurants for mouthwatering seafood in addition to an attractive archaeological museum to explore.

Aside from its historical sites, while in Athens, you can enjoy a bit of entertainment and other places to visit. You can enjoy shopping at any number of shops in the area, go eating delicious food at any one of the eating spots or enjoy dinning and nightlife with the hospitality and warmth of its inhabitants. There are number of beaches, sports facilities, festivals and events to be enjoyed.

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