Athens–The City of Historical Charms

Athens-The City of Historical Charms

Athens, the heart of Western civilization and the place of origin of democracy, is the capital, as well as the largest city, of Greece.  This rich city is one of the oldest cities in the world, having a history of more than 3000 years. Housing a large urban district along with a large city center and a metropolitan area, this city is a mix of historical and modern characteristics. Therefore, it can be safely said that Athens is one of the top ranking tourist destinations in the world.

Athens is the most excellent spot for tourists who are looking for a cultural experience, as this city has culture which spans over 3,000 years, as mentioned earlier. Here, the tourists can go and have a tour around history at various museums like the National Archeological Museum, the Byzantine and Archaeological Museum, the Numismatic Museum and also, the recently developed, New Acropolis Museum (2009). Not only that, the city is rich in historical sites, like the Parthenon, which is a temple located on a hill in Acropolis, and was built in honor of the Greek god Athena Parthenos, who, as per Greek belief, protected the city during the Persian Wars. What’s brilliant about the place, is the location that provides a tourist with an awe-inspiring view of the entire city of Athens.

Probably the most popular location within Athens is the Plaka neighborhood, which has been inhabited since before the Middle Ages. This neighborhood is the best place to experience Greek culture, and is the heart of Athens. It is located directly under Acropolis and expands towards Syntagma. When one takes a stroll in the maze like network of streets that lie in this neighborhood, which have existed since the time of Turkish occupation, many monuments can be seen, such as the Lysikrates monument, the Hadrians Library, along with many other pieces of Byzantine culture and remnants of the Ottoman period.

Central Athens has a number of Tourist and Souvenir shops, so tourists can purchase amazing memorabilia to cherish and remember their trip to this wonderful city, which embodies the true essence of Western culture and history in general. So, next time, when you are looking for a step away from the usual vacations to experience wonderful breath of fresh air, Athens is the tourist destination you must go for. After all, where else can one get to experience such a blend of history and culture, which is as old as time.

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