Arica - city of Limitless Fun


Going on vacation is always fun and going to some place, which got lot to offer you are even more fun. One of the lesser knows but highly beautiful city to visit is city of Arica. Arica is a commune and a beautiful port city. The total population of the city is mere 196,950. It is situated is Arica province of northern Chile’s Arica y Parinacota region. It is very close to Peru, just 18 kms from the border.  The city is capital of both Arica Province and the Arica and Parinacota Region. It is located at the South America's western coast known as the Arica Bend or Arica Elbow. And there are two lush and beautiful valley’s that dissects Atacama dessert: azapa and lluta.

Arica is one of the important ports for the inland region of the continent. It acts as the free port for Bolivia and manages substantial part of that country's trade. And also end station of Bolivian oil pipeline beginning in Qruro. But the city is not just famous for its economical importance.

The city is really beautiful and is epitome of natural beauty. It has variety to offer from the beautiful, calm, refreshing and ravishing sea, to the dearth and endless Atacama dessert. And then there is beautiful astonishing and elegant valleys with orchards of trees all over the place.

Arica is a paradise city to visit when it comes to being in true nature’s habitat. It has every thing one could desire. It has calmness of nature and business of human life, as it is a very important port city.

Some of the best places to visit on your trips to Arica are: -

Parque Nacional Lauca: - a beautiful and evergreen national park. Here you can find many species of flora and fauna. Some of the most majestic animals like vicuna, alpaca, and wild chinchilla among many other indigenous Chilean animal species.

El Morro de Arica: - this is a 110 meters high rock, which stands as a tribute to Chilean military victories in the 19th Century Pacific War.

Museo Arqueologico San Miguel de Azapais one of the best museums you would ever get a chance to go to. It is very enlightening and educational in every way possible. Any one who goes there would fall in love with the knowledge it got to offer.

Beach and water sports: - Arica is famous for its beaches and water sports like surfing and all. You will enjoy a lot at this place.

Cathedral de San Marcos: - Assembled in the 1870's to replace the main church lost to the 1868 earthquake, this national monument was the city's first building constructed of steel and cast iron, with only its door made from wood.

Arica is a great place to visit for vacation, do go and have some fun.

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