Arches National Park is a US National Park in Utah

Arches national Park

Nature is the best stress buster and going on vacations lets you unleash your potential, sets your mind free. In today’s world of stiff competition, one has to be physically and emotionally strong to overcome life’s hurdles. Sporting activities like trekking and hiking raises your endurance levels. It helps to overcome fear and anxiety. Arches National park is a U.S. National park located in the eastern part of Utah, outside Moab.

Arches National park is 5 miles from Maob. It has the world’s greatest natural sandstone arches. It has been home to over 2000 natural sandstone arches. It contains world famous delicate Arch. This arch opening is 306 feet wide, which is longer than a football field. It can easily fit a nine storied building underneath. In the year 1991, a slab of rock fell from beneath which made the arch very thin.

Delicate Arch is at a distance of just 1.5 miles from Utah. The arch is remarkably visible from Utah. The right time to visit here is during spring and fall, when there is cool temperature. You get an amazing glimpse of the arch, when the rocks turn golden in early hours of sunrise or just before sunset. During summer,  the hiking may become little difficult. You should keep sipping fluids as you will be losing a lot of water unknowingly due to the desert heat.

Devil’s garden is the next popular destination after Delicate Arch. It is located at eighteen miles from the park entrance. It is open all year round. It has all the facilities like potable water, picnic tables and in some places RV’s can also be accommodated provided they are up to 30 ft in length. It has the longest trail in the park of almost 7.2 miles. The loop detours through 7 different arches, passing though Landscape arch, Tunnel arch, Pine tree arch, Partition arch, Navajo Arch,  Double O’Arch to Dark angel and Navjao Arch. It is very tiresome to complete the whole stretch. Only some hikers manage to cover all the loops. You should be prepared and carry extra water as you cannot refill water unless you are done with the entire loop.

Double Arch was used as a backdrop for many movies. The 1988 movie Indiana Jones and the Last crusade, Thelma and Louise which was shot in 1991 were pictured in Double Arch. From Park Avenue,  the trail descends into a canyon and travels into the courthouse towers. In winter, the blanket of snow on the arches gives a dramatic view to the red sand rock, which breathtaking. Balanced rock has spellbinding landform with 128 feet height and 55 feet balanced rock above it.

There are many hikes which are family friendly like hiking to Turret Arch. It is the most popular destination for adults and kids. The children enjoy the small hikes. It is a wonderful experience to hike in the midst of sandy rocks and the stunning arches. You cannot help being amazed by the creations of god.

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