An Overwhelming Travelling Experience in Istanbul

An Overwhelming Travelling Experience in Istanbul

Turkey is one of the most remarkable places on our planet and it has a lot of history, culture, refinement, and activities thereby beckoning millions of tourists to come and explore its bounties. Turkey is particularly famous for its metropolitan city Istanbul and the blue waters of the Mediterranean. Istanbul is well known for mosques, museums, markets and foreign culinary excellence and delight. If you are on a holiday trip to Istanbul let us explore what this majestic city has to offer to make your trip memorable.

Visiting Sufi Dance Show:

Turkey is known as a land of saints and dervishes; the whirling dervish show is a unique kind of religious or spiritual ceremony watching a group of Sufis whirling in a trance- like condition as a symbol to get close to Allah.

The Famous Spice Bazaar:

It is a very famous bazar or market in Istanbul for spices, nuts, dried fruits, loose leaf tea, etc. Here you must have the Turkish delight and coffee which are special native items of Turkey.

Take a Red Street Car Ride:

If you want to see Istiklal Avenue and don’t want to walk through the crowd, one way is to take a ride on the Red Street Car that will take you from one end of the strip to the other, thus saving you time and distance.

The Galata Bridge:

A walk across this famous and always crowded bridge will provide you an opportunity to see the locals fishing; here you can also taste sesame pretzels from vendors and you can take a boat tour on the Bosphorus River.

Bosphorus, a Great Way to See the City’s Main Attractions:

To get a glimpse of Istanbul’s main attractions and points of interest, the Bosphorus River provides a great way to do this. On the boat ride you will pass by the Maiden’s Tower, the Rumeli Ruins, the Dolmbahce Palace, and many, gardens, mosques and mansions along the way.

Visit the Architectural Wonder - Hagia Sophia:

This historical marvel has gone through many transformations from an Eastern Orthodox Cathedral, to a Roman Cathedral to an Imperial Mosque and now a Museum in Istanbul. Its ancient domes and heavenly mosaics are worth seeing and awe inspiring.

What is the Underground Basilica Cistern?

It is the largest of hundreds of ancient underground water cisterns found beneath Istanbul. It has many columns with intricate carvings, some of which have Medusa’s head. Its specific feature is the engraving which is tear shaped and is believed to have the power to fulfill your wishes.

A Trip to Princess Islands:

Across the Asian shores lay a cluster of 9 islands well renowned as The Princess Islands. It is an ideal place for couples and family to spend weekends. More interestingly the means of transportation on the islands are carts and horses.

You Must See the Belly Dancing Show:

If you are an entertainment lover, Hodjapasha Dance Theater has many folk and belly dance performances for you.

Try Chicken Pudding:

If you are food lover, then besides tasting the main course dishes of Istanbul, you must try the Turkish Chicken Pudding; yes, do not be surprised, it is a chicken dessert made from chicken breast and it’s yummy!

So Are You Planning to Visit Istanbul?

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