Talking about Canada and waterfalls together the first thing that comes to a tourist’s mind would be the Niagara Falls; world’s largest waterfalls that can sweep you off the ground simply by the ensuing waves of water. But Canada is filled with rivers and waterfalls and the country has a lot more to offer. Not that I am comparing, but people tend to prefer less crowded places when they are vacationing –a usual tourist would rather be in a less popular but lesser crowded place than be in the best attraction in town with no place to land your feet!

Just as Ontario has the world’s largest waterfalls, the province of Quebec houses yet another waterfall that is very popular. Though they do not sweep as vast as the Niagara Falls, Montmorency Falls are taller than Niagara Falls. Placed as if strategically between Beauport, Quebec City, and Boischatel; the Montmorency falls are an awe-inspiring site. Being only 12 kilometres distance from the Quebec City the largest falls of Quebec also enjoy the advantage of ease of access. They are the highest in the province of Quebec at 275 feet high which is one and a half times the height of Niagara Falls and 150 feet wide! The water flow can have an impact on your ears similar to what you could get from any of the world’s largest falls so make sure you have enough protection –the water crashing down on to the foam can produce quite an astonishing sound!

The breathtaking views can be enjoyed by standing on the Parc de la Chute-Montmorency, where the majestic falls crash down, or go up through the cable car and enjoy one of the most exhilarating experiences of a life time. The management has built staircases to allow visitors a view of the falls from several different angles while staying safe since the otherwise rocky surroundings could be fatal for the first timers, especially the ones with little or no swimming experience. The thrill seekers can instead choose to take the suspension bridge that hangs right above the falls to provide a magnificent up close view. At night, it’s a sight not to be missed when the whole fall is dazzling with spotlights making it look serene, as millions of droplets fall to the water below.

In case you are planning to visit the waterfalls in the winter, you could be disappointed in the fact that you would not see water running down the area, not because they dry out but because the extreme weather circumstances literally freeze the falls in their place. Which, on the other hand, can turn out to be a totally different thing; and that is so because It is one thing to simply visit a waterfall, but it is a totally different thing to actually climb the waterfall when it is frozen. When in winters the waters freeze on their place you can ski through the frozen river, visit the place you wouldn't dream to go to if the falls were alive!

The lack of constraints tourists get while planning a trip to the Montmorency Falls is that they can decide to visit any time of the year, and still won't be disappointed. Choose a spring tour to see the flowing waters, or the winters when the whole river is frozen. Montmorency Falls has something for everyone!

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